Wednesday, 26 December 2007

X'mas 2007

Hear 'Christmas' and I can't stop thinking about carols. Old, new.. all the same.. they take me into the jolly-good-mood I need to get a feel of the festive season that comes with blessings, love, joy, cakes, friends, fun (and now exams). Whether it's the lively joy to the world, or the soft silent night, or the story telling long time ago or those with funny rudolph, dashing santa, angels or the three kings... I like them all :) And before this festive excitement dies down, I thought of taking a few pictures..

heard that jingling music of the play toy at the very start of the song.. nice no?

Saturday, 15 December 2007

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Above average.. what rubbish.. I know nothing enough to even pass.
But the grade is still B.. :P
If you try, tell me yours.. :)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Felt I should continue this poem
Now that I read it again,
For, forever a note to retain
It will remain.

Times and Things, both have changed
For better, for worse, I know not yet
It’s going to be nonane, decane instead of heptane, octane
Copies they’ll be though
Yet completely different.
I don’t want this gift
Still santa insists.. and I must have it.

Magical it seems
Still.. to me and all.
I dare not even wonder, it holds what all!!!
For I fear, me it will mould.. to what I am untold.

Remembered the times of gold
When all good luck itself showed.
Quite some times of real fun
They still come alive, those thoughts of old.

Cherishable they are,
I will never forget
That joy of friendship, of love and care,
Of excitement, of thrill,
Of small achievements and crowning titles,
All those moments, of fun so rare.

Now they are moments of past
Forever in memories they will last,
Decide to make many more
Such livening pleasures, for life is untold.
And we may need them all the more,
While shrinking with sore.

Today is the day we got to share
Joys, fun and loving care,
With everyone whom we meet
Ah! All these words only seem so sweet.
Yet I’ll give it a try, I know not why
And how this will benefit
I’ll tell you, the next time we meet.

Actually there’s no need of that. For..
I tell you.. I laughed my heart out when I read this completed piece,
And that’s the benefit it all yields.
(And I’m still saying wah! wah!! ..hehehe)
Ah! Feels so good when we’r light.. isn’t it?
Thank you dear words for making me alright.. again :)

Monday, 12 November 2007

Catch 2

Just as I was about to retire,
Just as I was to extinguish the fire,
A thought flashed into my mind,
That I was to leave my college days behind.

Those were the days of fun and frolic,

Those were the days of gifts and gossip,

Those were the days of bunking the classes,

Those were the days of “cheering” with tea glasses.
Days of bowing down before seniors in first year,
Days of fearing EDC and NT the next year,
Days of running behind Profs for internals in third year,
Days of preparing for MBA and Campus the last year.

Now, these days will never come by,

Now, we’ll never do “Assignment ki Chapayee”,

Now, in the canteen, we’ll never have samosa and tea,

Now, in the gathering, we’ll never dance to the rhythm of beats.

No “hyaaa…t” screaming in the class,

No aero plane flying towards the dais,

No linking of girl’s name with that of a boy,

No fresher parties full of “masti” and joy.

But these days have taught us to take pride,
nd also to take success and failure in our stride,

They have brought out our hidden talent,

They have taught us to be independent.

There are so many memories to take away home,

There are so many friends that I am not alone,

There are so many contacts in my “INBOX”

There are so many messages on “Sign-off”.

The extra tuitions, the Internship training,

The “Industrial” tour, the canteen chatting,

The VII SEM seminar transparency,

The VIII SEM project: FACTS and FANTASY.

The Exam form, the Express coffee,

The Result day, the Class party,

The writing on the desk, the writing on the wall,

The cheating in exams, fearing one and all.

All these “yaadein” are there forever,

All the GFs-BFs, may there love be forever,

The DOSTS and YAARS may change NEVER,

Remember the movie we saw together!

So, Just as I was about to retire,

Just as I was to extinguish the fire,

Another thought flashed into my mind,

That this part of the tape will never "REWIND"

Saturday, 10 November 2007

The 'Sachin' Incident.

This happened a few months ago at college. It was noon. Nivi and I had been to the library for some work. After having done with it, we happened to walk towards the mini cross-road (one leading to the lib and another to the café).

Nivi wanted to meet a friend from another class.. whom we usually find almost anywhere in the campus, cross-roads included! Normally this place is crowded. But that day we could actually count the ones present.

There was one group of boys standing on that way. We passed by them and something happened. Suddenly I turned, thinking that I had seen my friend’s classmate.. (naturally.. wanting to ask him where we could find her). I called out.. Sachin. He didn’t hear. So I called out once again, this time a lil louder SACHIN. And all of them looked at me. But this fellow wasn’t looking like Sachin. For a while I wondered YYY????

Soon I realized.. almost everything.. my misunderstanding, his not being him and possibility of people watching (but... amm.. probably his green shirt was the culprit). Ah!

Sorry.. I thought you were someone else.. I said and took an about turn. My shoulders up! Tongue the left.

And this side I find Nivi laughing at me, at my funny act (as she thought it was).

That wasn’t the end. I began explaining to her why all that happened.. the causes, reasons.. After all.. it was she who wanted to meet that madam. I just happened to have a helping heart at that moment, that too.. one completely out of the way :D

And among that laughter and those live facial expressions.. as we walked with all possible hand movements, I saw hero (another fellow!) coming towards us. He met us within half a minute after that incident. Thank God! He didn’t witness it all.. I thought. But what would have happened?.. Just that his gleeful face would continue to smile a little longer.. for the reason being me and wouldn’t that be nice?.. Naa!.. I shared this with quite a few friends that day and many times wondered yeh kyun hua?!!! :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I’m left alone :(

They come, they sit, they talk, they laugh,
They go away…I’m left alone.
I’m forced to come, I’m forced to sit,
I try to talk and laugh the same way,
I feel I can’t.. I’m left alone.

They come their way, they do their will,
They sing their song and go away…
I come my way, I sing my song,
I try to be the same I was..
I feel I can’t.. I’m left alone.

They see a dream, they have a wish,
They fulfill their desires and go away…
I get no sleep, I’m scared to wish,
With a blank vision.. I’m left alone.

They try to get me involved, I be with them.
They try to make me happy, a (false?...not really!!) smile I put-up.
They enjoy.. I try to.
And when they want they go..
I feel like waiting.. I feel I’m left alone.

They keep the atmosphere glowing
When they are not there, I feel like crying.
With a dark cloud and a heavy heart.. I’m left alone.. I’m left alone.

They are my thoughts.. oh yes! They are mine
At cloudy times they come and shine,
They make me glad and I’m no longer sad,
I’m happy they are mine.. at least THEY are mine


These were his thoughts.. when he fell hard..
or it must have been even harder..
I know not how much..
but yes, they sure were close to this.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

I love...

It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a day so much. It began in a very similar manner like any other day. I just did not want to get out of bed even though I was awake... goes a saying..."Every morning you are given a choice, either to go back to your dreams or to get up and chase those dreams". No. I did not wake up with this thought :D (just remembered it now...while it is time to rest again).

But I had to get ready, dress up.. pretty soon, then go attend those ever boring lectures for hours together. They seem like ages, but are much better than the company of those dangerous, gloomy, weakening thoughts. Work keeps me busy and I love it. However trivial it might seem to be...still it is the best way to pass time.

Did I say pass time? Well! Today, time just passed...gleefully...and I noticed it.

When in the morning I was late for the bus and got mama on her nerves on this,

When I enjoyed the breezy ride on the way to college, When the class got totally packed…for attendance...and shruti had to use a plastic chair and sit in the middle of a passage between the rows, blocking the way on all sides :D (well, that’s the chair...a special one...that nobody wants to use. There are about 3-4 of them actually...hehe).

Then, I loved it When akshata taught me a few Vedic tricks on mathematics, When nivi and me discussed some real good algorithmic stuff together, When we(sneha, nivi, manu, juhi and me) jumped to see who could touch the name plate on the door-top...hey!! sneha and juhi did not jump :P

Then...When we were so few for the last class that turned out to be so interesting with effective mind processing and kool eye-contacts, When I felt the lunch weighing me down, When I loved the way I pampered myself and then the oh! So masti-bhare labs we love, where we have applied for more efficient printers...that will surely be considered in benefit of our juniors. Loved them so much today that I came home and wrote down all that we had done till now :P

and after all that, spending a lovely time at I am ready for the break...cya! :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Catch 1

A little boy wanted to meet God. He knew it was a long trip to where God lived, so he packed his suitcase with a bag of potato chips and a six-pack of root beer and started his journey.

When he had gone about three blocks, he met an old woman. She was sitting in the park, just staring at some pigeons. The boy sat down next to her and opened his suitcase. He was about to take a drink from his root beer when he noticed that the old lady looked hungry, so he offered her some chips. She gratefully accepted it and smiled at him.

Her smile was so pretty that the boy wanted to see it again, so he offered her a root beer. Again, she smiled at him. The boy was delighted! They sat there all afternoon, eating and smiling, but they never said a word.

As twilight approached, the boy realized how tired he was and he got up to leave; but before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the old woman, and gave her a hug. She gave him her biggest smile ever.

When the boy opened the door to his own house a short time later, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face. She asked him, "What did you do today that made you so happy?" He replied, " I had lunch with God." But before his mother could respond, he added, "You know what? She's got the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!"

Meanwhile, the old woman, also radiant with joy, returned to her home. Her son was stunned by the look of peace on her face and he asked, "Mother, what did you do today that made you so happy?" She replied! "I ate potato chips in the park with God." However, before her son responded, she added, " You know, he's much younger than I expected."

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime! Embrace all equal...

How true are these words... Indeed! there are so many such people I meet almost everyday.
Isn't that lovely? Thank God for them. Yet, many times they go unnoticed... and I keep searching for some good, for some joy... failing to realize that it is always there with me.
It's a funny life!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Private message

I was just going through my Inbox, checking mails, as usual. Read a few, forwarded some, deleted some, and ignored some others. Checked out if anyone was online but found none. Needed to get my hands on something interesting but nothing seemed to click. An all time boring song was playing in winamp. Was just bored of all this. ENUF!!! I said. And just before I logged out, mama was here, next to me. She was curiously looking at the screen, trying to read something sensible...and probably find answers to her own, what makes me sit in front of the pc for so long. She knows that these contain jokes, pics etc. She knows about chat too. But is still curious to find something more...obviously, every mother would.

Just then, before I notice, a mail...(so-and-so)has sent you a private message dropped right at the top my Inbox.

There it was, on top, like the latest headline of the day, clearly noticeable.

God!!! I thought, as I looked at the screen...shocked!!!

Never had I seen a mail with such a title.

Motionless, I was, for a while...probably wondering how, why and what this individual contained.

It was playing its solo instrumental on my mind...BANG! BANG! BANG!

I tried to scroll the page up n down, but nothing seemed to work.

She read it out for me, loud and clear, with deepened curiosity.

Woo! I had to open it.

Both of us were looking at the screen. Even the screen must have wondered what was on it!

Ah! To my relief, it just had a invitation to join another virtual community.

God! Who gives such weird titles to such mails!!!

Forgive them lord for they do not know what they do, enlighten them with some basic knowledge (like how to give appropriate titles) and save us too as we become prey to mails like these.


Thursday, 9 August 2007

vacating the mind of vacation thoughts

Yeh hawa, kehti hai kya, samjho, meri jaana, meri jaana...

This is the song I must have played more than 15-20 times in the past few days…just love to hear it, hum it, listen to it, utter it and that’s it…I said…that’s it!

THAT’S IT echoed somewhere in the back of my mind. But there it was, on my lips…I was singing it again! :)

[smiling]…dil kya kare jab kisiko..

Pata nahi kyun…but the state of my mind might just be the right reason for me to sing yeh hawa…an unsteady, wondering state of mind.

These holidays have been no different from the past ones…(the semester vacations received in bits, of which you can hardy relish a byte) and yet very different. It included every basic characteristic from each of its ancestors > some work that needed to be done like… cleaning the wardrobe, the book shelf etc. > taking a look at the messy room and attending to it > the unplanned trips…forming fond memories > irregular visits and meetings…that keep you involved for most part of the day and give you a feeling of WOW! I’VE DONE SOMETHING > the rain…yes, the lovely continuously pouring rain, which creates a pleasant atmosphere with the sound of every drop, cutting off all your meetings while it comes to meet the earth!! > and other times…really long ones…which leave you wondering as to what to do next…leave you with one big question mark…bigger than yourself, bigger than your world > and then a few efforts to write something that went in vain…which now I guess is undone :) And then there was some placement activity too.

A glass of water in this vessel and another in that. One, for the noodles she wanted, and the other for my tea. Ah! Chores apart..

So, here I was supposed to be enjoying my holidays and they continued…without ever stopping the search…the search for something that was missing, something that was making me anxious all the time.

Mama, I cry, she isn’t here. And by the time she comes, I’ll be fine.

To phir the song running on tv and I decide to stop here…got-to go have the refreshing cup of tea :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

That day, @ the wedding…

We had an invitation to a Hindu wedding...and after quite a lot of discussion we all agreed to go. Since the sky was clear that morning, it looked a pretty dry n sunny day. Little did we know that it would start pouring just when we had to leave. Anyways, we reached the place in time. It was a very big hall with as big dining room sufficient for accommodating about 500 people. hmm...and I was wondering when the Pujari-ji would finish his lullaby.

Then, at an unexpected instance, a young lad came forth to meet my dad. I didn’t know him and was just looking at him. He was well...a very good looking, descent fellow and probably friendly too...NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE SO QUICKLY. He looked like a smart young man well eligible for one of those ‘Raymond’ ads.

As I was wondering who he might be, dad asks us both…do u know each other?...I quickly said NO. So then after the briefest intro...(so I felt...coz I din have words to speak at that moment)...and some hi/hello...he left.

Then later, quite some time before we left the function, he came again...this time to meet mom...again there just could not be any talk between us...obviously all were around. Naa..that's a lame reason, just that I didn't speak up. He was an ambitious person...wants to be an IAS officer. Saw him walk off...n ya, he walked pretty well gait.

Well, finally let me introduce him to you...He is the son of my dad’s best whom I was talking when he came...for a moment I felt like saying, “wow uncle, is that your son?!!”.

well..all this apart...some people leave an imprint on the mind...n that's what has got me into writing this post.....balle balle!! jeeyo unke lal :D


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The lucky soul

Once upon a time in history,

Born in a holy city,

To a noble couple with hearts so sweet,

Was this princess, whom now you meet…

I actually don’t know what happened then,

May be I looked like the chick of a hen.

Coz my cousin used to pull my leg,

Down to the floor, from the bed.

A kid he was and very dear,

Whose birthday I didn’t miss, even in his first year.

We fought at times, but the victory was mine,

I am sorry I say, for those childish days.

With all love and care bestowed,

Only joy to me was showed,

And when a loud cry echoed the street,

Every heart with a soul would beat.

And I always got a treat

Of chocolates…very very sweet.

Which did rot my teeth...but they were really very sweet.

Then at school my friend I found,

And turned into a smile, my lazy frown.

There I learnt how to mingle,

And spread smiles to every single.

Always waited for vacations to come near,

More than that to meet my mate so dear.

To sing and dance and play all day,

And to share secrets, I must say!

She, then, had two little surprised eyes,

Now, has grown with grace and poise.

I was admired all these years,

And now it’s my turn to admire her :)

And in between a star was born,

Much more noble than the old.

It stuck on my face a smile so tight,

Which no power of the world could wipe.

I wish you luck and blessing so strong,

So that you may never go wrong,

And if ever, always grow strong.

Life indeed has silently,

Many a lessons to me taught..

Fixed in the permanent memory,

That need not say...forget me not!

Was kept away from films, but the TV was close..

Was left alone at times, but God was close.

Was kept away from all harm, intruders got close..

Was about to slip and fall, but got awakened...this lucky soul.

With that great resistance, a power developed;

This coy became bold.

And never again would allow this happen,

Made a firm decision..untold.

Thank you dear friend for always being here

With me, sailing through cloud and clear.

Always in me you will remain..

Please make this promise once again


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Saturday, 19 May 2007




Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Perfect Companion

It was a pleasant sight that dawn, when I was out in my gallery, to check out how the day looked like. I saw two little birds, kingfishers they were, with their bright blue wings and a shiny red beak, attracting my sight and possibly the other’s too. With a pale white body and two brown feet that went unnoticed, there they were, preparing a nest for their living.

I saw them once and couldn’t take my eyes off. The sight was unusual. I had never seen a bird actually making its nest, its home! It was indeed delightful to watch both of them alternately helping in carving out their house. They were making a hole in a broken mud-wall, digging out the extra unwanted stuff with the strong beak and the two quick feet.

Then, there came a time when both birds were tired and were still trying hard to complete the job. Finally, one of them couldn’t continue and stopped. Now, both of them were looking at each other and wondering what the other wanted to say. Or may be that I was wondering and the two little ones were actually conversing, in their own silent way!!! After a while, one of them again decided to continue and it did the job alone until the other joined, very soon. For a moment I wondered which one of them was the female bird. Surely, it must have been the hardworking one

The job was not that could be done in a day’s time. So, the next day I again went out, this time…to SEE if the birds were still there. And YES, they were, doing the job silently and dedicatedly.

Now, I thought, why were they building a NEW nest? May be that the old one was struck by a windfall, or was invaded by some other powerful bird, or the hot climate might have caused their migration, or that they felt the NEED for a brand new nest, just like that. Whatever the reason, they taught me one thing – that, LIFE MUST GO ON…with the same vigor and zeal as it had first begun.

Indeed, they were to each other, A Perfect Companion, I concluded!

just a poem

My heart is not in pain,
Without those moments of gain;
I hope to shine sometime,
Even before I become thine;
Please show me the sunshine,
Before I loose my mind;
Please let the rain drop,
Before my eyes stop;
Help me hold on…
Until this life goes on

An oasis I want to be,
To someone who really needs me;
A useful part I want to become,
To every body that includes me;
A happy soul I want to remain,
Even when everything else is drained;
Just like you O divine,
Let my little light shine;
Help me hold on…
Until this life goes on


my teacher mai

Waking up in the morning with an open mind to see what the day has in store for her, beginning the day with a regular visit to the nearby church, doing the same household chores and giving tuitions to the little ones. This is the daily routine of a 65+ years old woman called “gori-aunty”, who does not feel bored even for a while, who does not complain of any of her adversities, who considers every moment of her life as the will of God.
She never expects any favours. Instead does favours for others, may be her friends or neighbours. Sharing, especially the tasty dishes she prepares, has been her unique act which everyone in the neighbourhood must have observed. Taking one day at a time and finding joy in those activities, which she has been doing since years, is one wonderful quality in her, which I truly appreciate.
Then why do I just being a young college student at times get frustrated when things don’t go accordingly, feel disappointed when I’m not accounted for my work, get angry when my younger sister does not listen to me, feel bored in my vacations and complain when there is so much to do?
Can’t I, being educated for about 15 years now, learn a simple lesson from the not so highly educated gori-aunty?


Thursday, 25 January 2007

Sirsi Talk

Our trip to Sirsi began early that morning at about 8:30am. The journey was good, with our talks including topics about friends, reduced number of holidays, roads (remembered quite a bit of Civil Engg.), birds (peacocks) and Orkut too.

On the way we were astonished to see the air-plane move on its track...(along with us) and the Bahubali statues, close to Hubli. We also delivered a SIM-card on the way to a friend at Dharwad, which took some effort from the receiver missing us at the old bus-stand and then moving ahead to catch up at the new one. We did a bit of pet-pooja… munching some snacks. And then, singing throughout till the end of the journey was real ‘strain-buster’. So, we did not get very tired. With the two singers on my either side, I was indeed into the game complementing and supporting both of them. It was exciting.

We reached Sirsi in the afternoon at about 2:30pm. Lunch time :)
We had the typical ‘Sirsi food’ including sambar, tambli, hashi and appehuli daily. Early that evening we had been to see a few places within the town like Maarikamba Temple, Raghvendra Math and St. Anthony’s Church. The sunset there was awesome! We then had GM...t’was spicy n’ tasty... and sapota-shake and went back home.
The next morning we had the benne paper-dosa (the butter being optional), which was our morning break-fast almost everyday. Heading towards Sahastralinga, we travelled partly by tempo and partly by Rick. An uncle accompanied us there. Blessed by the Sharavati river it makes a nice water place for an enticing picnic. We seriously missed the other friends a lot. Took a few snaps...snaps se yaad aaya, I re-wound Pragati’s camera role. Oops! But then later told uncle and got it done well. Ah!

You know, the people there are so kind. Go to anybody's house and they'll serve you home-made banana chips. And every-one there has a fixed menu for the guest to choose from. It goes like this: “What would u like to have?
1) tea
2) coffee or
3) kashai (now, this new drink is ‘flavored milk’)”.

Coming back, later that afternoon we went to Banwasi. The Kadambas once ruled there. Hence there is this Madhukeshwara temple. The temple is built in the name of Lord Shiva with a honey coloured ‘Shiv-linga’ installed in the place of worship. It was built gradually over the centuries. There is a big chariot made of black rock which is taken in procession during the festival. A smart Nandi, about 10 feet tall, also, cut out of a rock, is seated in all its elegance in front of this temple looking at the Shiv-linga through it’s left eye, while looking at Goddess Parvati seated in the adjacent temple through it’s right. The pillars of the temple display images as should be seen though concave and convex lenses, partly, but both in the same curve of the pillar - A mark of great engineering work and architecture. We did Bharat-darshan too...because the Kadambas have collected statues as memoirs from all over India and installed in the surrounding area. The trees required for worship were planted in Pampa-vana, named after the great poet Pampa. The Varada river flowing though this place is a treat to the eyes and looks just like wallpaper on the PC.

The next day we got into an almost empty bus to Honnavar.
Singing along was so much fun as the only people alive, except the driver, were ‘we’!!! Others were simply waiting to reach their destination, I guess. There were lots of fruits being sold on the station like the local jumbo and some veggies. We stayed at Savitakka’s home (nivi’s aunt). The same day we visited the Karikanamma temple on the hill. The scenary there was wonderful. The view included the deciduous forests (on the mountains covering almost all the three sides visible), and the Arabian Sea at a distance giving a feast to the eyes. I seriously wished I had a handicam. Oh!!! for that. Then, getting into the cab again we moved ahead towards Idgunji, where residents told us that the Ganesh idol in the temple was installed by Narad-muni. Artistic handicrafts made of cane were being sold outside. We then headed towards the Murdeshwar. From quite a distance we could see the huge idol of Lord Shiva which is located near the temple. To our fate, it was the day of ‘jatra’ (festive day), which had dragged lots of devotees there and we had to walk enough though the crowd. This was just another reason for us to miss the sunset. These feelings were soon replaced by wonder and awe as we approached the Big Statue of Shiva. One of his arms is damaged, actually broken, due to lightening during the last rains. But there’s nothing to worry. It’s under construction:). There is a pillar made of real gold situated in front of the temple which is on one side of the statue, while on the other side, there are hotels. We saw an old couple seated outside in one of the balconies gazing at the majestic Shiva. The sunset point is supposed to be another scenic place.

The next day, we spent quite some time at home, enjoying auntie’s delicacies. Later that afternoon we drove to see the railway on the bridge. The picturesque river with small islands wasn’t getting out of our sight. We simply marveled at it. There is a road bridge also, of about 1km. At a short distance across the road bridge is the Kaserkod beach where we played and strolled-by for quite some time before moving on for a boat ride, on our way back home... Imagine 4 people seated on a single motor-bike. We surely were an amusement for the passers-by.

Next morn, there was a twist for all of us. We made an unexpected visit to Roopa’s house(@ Kumta) while going back to Sirsi. We sure made her happy. This was the cause for our ‘double breakfast’ that morning.

Nivi’s father’s ancestral home is in Goran-mane while her mother’s is at Jaji-mane. I’m sure you’ve not got these Kannada words:). Both of these are villages nearby Sirsi. People have made their homes close to the farms which are located on the mountains. Hence there was no network for our mobile. Though, there were basic facilities including electricity and a landline telephone connection.

Every family has a well, for water, used at home as well as in the farm. Since the food crops do not provide sufficient income, villagers grow areca-nut (adike), banana, vanilla and pepper too ‘all-in-one’. Luckily, we got to see how the worker removes the areca-nuts from trees and slides the bunch down to ground on a rope tied to him, while another worker collects them at the other end of the rope. Using a simple ringed cloth he slowly and carefully moves from one tree to another with much ease. T'was brilliant. A part of these areca-nuts are then pealed of their skin, boiled and then allowed to dry in the Sun on an over-head roof called ‘betta’. Another part of adike is dried with the skin to produce another variety. Totally the farmers produce about 6 varieties, which are then converted into a whole lot of 16 varieties in the market.

We spent a whole evening at the fire-place outside the house where they boiled the adike. It was a cool moon-lit night. With the stars above, in between the palms and other trees, we recalled past memories. Ajji served us some more mouth-watering dishes which made our stay ‘perfect’.

We soon drove to Sirsi. All excited to give an actual description of our trip to all at home, we got into the bus. Again the 6-hour long journey just passed off in a short time. This time it was without those ‘hit ho ya flop’ bollywood songs. Finally, the journey was made memorable by our very own Belgaum-sunset and the leafless birdie trees.