Monday, 30 June 2008

1. (Dry weather and the Diary)

It was a warm afternoon. The sun shone bright outside. Even a peep out of the room seemed to be eye-cracking. There was a power cut. So neither the fan would work, nor the PC, nor the TV. The radio was spoilt, and the i-pod had lost charge. Princess was bored. Dull day, so to say.

She went up to her diary. This diary was the first lucky one that she must have ever used as a diary. And since this was a rare time of the year -one of its kind- as she had got a good long holiday, Princess had decided to make it beautiful. It was her responsibility, she thought. Indeed, it was this Dry weather that led to the birth of the Diary. She noted down random things and events that either occurred or were planned. She decorated her diary, literally. It looked good. Indeed, the year was being made fondly memorable. Though, the diary had many things hidden, while mostly revealing the fun part of it. Only Princess would know, and may be a few others. The rest was buried in memories to be forgotten. Now, this had turned out to be one asset she would never want to loose. Experiences and attitude, the outcome and their memories, were recorded in there. The rest was left to history.