Sunday, 5 April 2009

My Best Friend’s Wedding – 1.

It was time for the wedding bells to ring for the first girl in our group of super seven. Wow! We were excited, but I tell you.. when I seriously thought about it, I was scared. She met him, they became friends, and profited reliance communications for quiet a few months:) They kept visiting each other’s places everytime they could, not letting any opportunity go by. Then their marriage date was fixed and my dear friend kept herself busy throughout the day, everyday, with lots of shopping and other prep for her D-day (And of-course with reliance)

Now our gang had got a chance to get together again.. n none wanted to miss out this chance. All of us waited excitedly. Nivi madam had started planning well, 3 months in advance and I would say to her.. its still December Nivi.. long time to go.. n we are not the ones getting married to our respective hubbies :P (had to extend the sentence ‘coz dostana has affected people’s minds A LOT)

Finally the day came, four of us were to travel together with the bride’s cousins n relatives, n catch up with another friend at the destination. One of our gang members couldn’t come ‘coz of work n we.. hell, missed her soo much:) The travel was good, we caught the last seat in the bus n made a hell lot of noise. Got some good n mocking expressions too.. ‘coz when we sang, we entertained the kids in the bus, but later.. one uncle plugged his ears with ear-phones. God! That was so rude:) still we had a good laugh, n that was good. Oh yes.. how could I forget.. The best song was sung by shrado.. she was singing ye dil, deewana (from yes boss) in such a draggy way that Nivi had to shake her head vigorously to get shrado back to the actual tempo of the beats. Lol, this act was too good, simply unforgettable.

It suddenly started to drizzle n then came the rain for just a few minutes. I got my hands wet through the window:) n before we noticed two of them started dreaming.. n we, the other two (bekaar people), wanted to get them back mentally, with us! So we started teasing them.. n while they enjoyed it, we too had fun.. n then something happened, Nivi got angry on us:( guess we laughed instead of just smiling.. Sorry yaar Nivi.. Bhulado, bhulado wo batein purani jo dil ko satati rahi.. (now I don’t even know if this song is appropriate, but am singing it for you, ok?..ok.)

If it wasn’t for these my friends, there was one thing I would never forget in my entire lifetime (only while attending functions), and that was.. forgotting my sandals at home. I was wearing shoes while traveling n Prags was imagining me wearing shoes (with socks of-course) on the saree/chudi/whatever-a-girl-can-wear-for-a-marraige-other-than-jeans:D All I could do was.. stare at my shoes n wonder why they looked the way they looked. Well, I have no comments here, just a big ThankQ for the borrowed sandals, hehe.. but size matters you see.. n I can proudly say WE FIT PRETTY WELL INTO EACH OTHER’S SHOES :D

Then, we finally reached the destination n enjoyed a very comfortable stay at the hotel. The bride looked simply beautiful, like a doll, in all functions, even while missing on most of her sleep continuously for those 2 days. I was remembering scenes from mythological tele-serials.. ‘coz she looked like one of those actresses.. n we just kept looking at her constantly. Devi-ji was stunning, excited, n was enjoying every moment. I haven’t, n will never see a bride like this. Bhari!!!

Then the next day, we stayed back while all others left to their homes. We did some ultimate shopping with juhi n made a new friend.. sada. :) Now we can travel often to Pune;)  Every moment in the hot sunny day, the music n drousy people in the mall.. were nice.. n our eating plans flopped, we got full too soon, couldn’t eat even one khulcha easily!!

After shopping we had a nice dinner at shrad’s uncle’s house, n left Pune to Belgaum.. it was a horrifying bus.. lol.. Many scary things happened.. Broken glass window next to me, the urge to talk all time, shhhh from one ajja-ajji, shifting seats, touching someone who was sleeping on the last seat.. by mistake, sleepy people looking like dead bodies, n then.. one stupid fellow from behind looking at us or the open window next to me.. n my expressions as I was narrating his movements to Prags.. Ah! This was something different, I was really scared, for the first time.. that’s why we din sleep all night.. kept talking.. n indeed it was a wonderful chat:)

All said and done about our Pune trip, We’r waiting for the next marriage now.. ;) isn’t it girls?