Monday, 13 August 2007

Private message

I was just going through my Inbox, checking mails, as usual. Read a few, forwarded some, deleted some, and ignored some others. Checked out if anyone was online but found none. Needed to get my hands on something interesting but nothing seemed to click. An all time boring song was playing in winamp. Was just bored of all this. ENUF!!! I said. And just before I logged out, mama was here, next to me. She was curiously looking at the screen, trying to read something sensible...and probably find answers to her own, what makes me sit in front of the pc for so long. She knows that these contain jokes, pics etc. She knows about chat too. But is still curious to find something more...obviously, every mother would.

Just then, before I notice, a mail...(so-and-so)has sent you a private message dropped right at the top my Inbox.

There it was, on top, like the latest headline of the day, clearly noticeable.

God!!! I thought, as I looked at the screen...shocked!!!

Never had I seen a mail with such a title.

Motionless, I was, for a while...probably wondering how, why and what this individual contained.

It was playing its solo instrumental on my mind...BANG! BANG! BANG!

I tried to scroll the page up n down, but nothing seemed to work.

She read it out for me, loud and clear, with deepened curiosity.

Woo! I had to open it.

Both of us were looking at the screen. Even the screen must have wondered what was on it!

Ah! To my relief, it just had a invitation to join another virtual community.

God! Who gives such weird titles to such mails!!!

Forgive them lord for they do not know what they do, enlighten them with some basic knowledge (like how to give appropriate titles) and save us too as we become prey to mails like these.


Thursday, 9 August 2007

vacating the mind of vacation thoughts

Yeh hawa, kehti hai kya, samjho, meri jaana, meri jaana...

This is the song I must have played more than 15-20 times in the past few days…just love to hear it, hum it, listen to it, utter it and that’s it…I said…that’s it!

THAT’S IT echoed somewhere in the back of my mind. But there it was, on my lips…I was singing it again! :)

[smiling]…dil kya kare jab kisiko..

Pata nahi kyun…but the state of my mind might just be the right reason for me to sing yeh hawa…an unsteady, wondering state of mind.

These holidays have been no different from the past ones…(the semester vacations received in bits, of which you can hardy relish a byte) and yet very different. It included every basic characteristic from each of its ancestors > some work that needed to be done like… cleaning the wardrobe, the book shelf etc. > taking a look at the messy room and attending to it > the unplanned trips…forming fond memories > irregular visits and meetings…that keep you involved for most part of the day and give you a feeling of WOW! I’VE DONE SOMETHING > the rain…yes, the lovely continuously pouring rain, which creates a pleasant atmosphere with the sound of every drop, cutting off all your meetings while it comes to meet the earth!! > and other times…really long ones…which leave you wondering as to what to do next…leave you with one big question mark…bigger than yourself, bigger than your world > and then a few efforts to write something that went in vain…which now I guess is undone :) And then there was some placement activity too.

A glass of water in this vessel and another in that. One, for the noodles she wanted, and the other for my tea. Ah! Chores apart..

So, here I was supposed to be enjoying my holidays and they continued…without ever stopping the search…the search for something that was missing, something that was making me anxious all the time.

Mama, I cry, she isn’t here. And by the time she comes, I’ll be fine.

To phir the song running on tv and I decide to stop here…got-to go have the refreshing cup of tea :)