Saturday, 5 December 2009

I don wanna fade away

home again!!! :) yup, m back home.. away from my co, away from my current workplace, away from that beautiful yet not-very-appealing dreamworld.
Yes, when I joined my campus-placed-company, it literally looked like I was picked up from home and thrown into a dreamworld. Everything in the campus looked so neat n tidy, with beautifully architected buildings, lush green lawns, a poky-dome-shaped-multiplex, quite luxurious hostel rooms, hmmmm :) it was just WOW!
Mom was the happiest, and I was indeed very glad that she saw this.. The Beautiful Infosys Campus @ Mysore.. because of me ;) ;) ;) lol.

Then they allocated me a pc, scheduled all my days for 4 hectic months which they call "training", loaded me with springs of god-knows-what modules, do-or-die tests, and heaped compre(s).. (I barely managed to keep the nights, and my Sundays/Holidays to myself)..

In the process, I forgot myself, rather found a new self, missed my gang of friends, made some new, met weird people, acted weird at times, observed their reactions, talked so much less, and Lots on the phone (hehe, they call me "infy BPO"), Lost touch with most things I used to be busy with, Lost my interests, adapted some others. Attended my Best Friend's Wedding, and missed another!
Life looks different now, hopefully I don't differ from myself.

Oh ya, m learning to take leave, and it's so much fun! You go running home, all excited, while your colleagues drag themselves to the workplace, hehe.. ;)

Shopped heavily this week, and there's still to shop for quiet a few..
Have to save now, for there could arise a need, totally new!!

An sms from my friend says, "Wassup? Enjoying lots, right?"
I'm replying, "M just relaxing at home right now.. Catching up with one of the things I love.. writing :)"