Sunday, 6 June 2010

At the office

I’m in office; Supposed to be working. Servers are running damn slowly, making me also sleepy. Client website (having the same icons, which I have to open a million times because of our super slow connectivity links), times-of-india (for some out of office refreshment), igoogle page done with errors(to see weather reports, and to play hangman), and some random links are open in internet explorer. Office Communicator is open, with three conversation windows. These were started as soon as I had logged in. The server is still slow. But it’s running. Even m running into sleep mode.. hmm.. gudnite.. .. .. *PING* I’ve been assigned another task. *WAKE UP*, *WAKE UP*.. have some water.. the bottle’s empty, need to fill it now.. hush! :)

I don’t want to work as usual. So, first I come in late, act as if working, (work a bit to avoid feeling guilty), have coffee, tea, snacks, play, n rest, chat with friends, curse the servers, n those who play lazy, those who get the benefits of our hard work! **#&%$^#^#^%%^** huh! Forget them!
It is a Sunday! Enjoy! :)