Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Haunted by boredom.

I'm bored to the core.. donno from where it all came, but it's with me today.. ALL DAY!
GTH man, jus get out. But its not going. This morning, I woke up with a heavy head, did something for 2 mins, n went back to sleep. Then woke up again after a lil less than an hour, started getting ready to go to office. Everything moved slowly, I din progress a bit.
Kya yaar... pata nahi wts going on!
I'm not working the least bit. Got late to office, Talked to my best fren on the way, continued, n then reached finally reached my cubicle. Trying to read some scripts since morning, but in vain. Then I decided to pass some time until evening, put on my ear phones, n without my knowledge I started humming 'more than a friend'. My lead, n a colleague, sitting in the neighouring left n right cubes stood at once gesturing me to soften down. I was so embarressed..that too deeply! ummmmmmm! I jus pulled out my ear plugs, tried to hide my face. OMG!
*(&X(%X^Z** ........ dinno wt to do!
Jus then I got a ping for a team discussion. Right timing, we were all distracted from my topic.
Chalo, that was good enough to get me out of the embarressed mood.
btw: small boss jus peeped in, and he has told me the next time post, write 'My lead is handsome' and I won’t do tht :P


I jus over heard big boss saying.. "at the detailed level, make the detail design as detailed as possible" LOL :D

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The natural flow :P

The natural flow was running smoothly. Now it was our turn to implement the same stuff together and we wanted to enjoy it ;)
Though we had a fair idea about the inputs and expected outputs,.....and those lil things to do here n there....., most details and procedures(whether right or wrong) were unclear. In order to be on the same lines, we needed to talk and do things synchronously. So we started with a talk :)

I thought that I had quiet a lot to speak about my research and current knowledge, but he wasn't far away. He had lots to say.
Without wasting a moment, he began... and I was like, 'ok.. ya.. right.. n then, wt's this?... I hope it'll be fine... how do we do this?'
He said, 'See, it's like.. First we do this.. We'll try this way/that way.. how about.. What do u say?'
I said, 'hmm..'
He said, 'Snehal, you are getting it, right?'
'hmm, somewhat' I had some doubts, as usual, but he made sure that his knowledge was perfect..(or so it seemed to me!)
'ok, No worries, I'll tell you when needed', he said.:)
So finally, he was done, and expected me to take over.
OMG.. I was damn tired, just because of him!
'You there? Listening, right? Shall we start?'
I thought, 'If we got to start now, what was all that you did till now? A demo?'
Well if that was a demo, then I'll be dead :P
'hush! I need a break!'

Note: This incident is one of the project development activities in office, involving long, tiring conversations over VOIP.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I jus over-heard my small boss call up my actual boss...saying "hi..." n the actual boss says... "hey...what is up?"
lol, I can't stop laughing :D