Friday, 31 December 2010

Dawn of 2011 wishes..

For me, a few of these 2011 wishes have been blooming from quiet some time, a few were being wished for ever since the end of Jan 2010 itself :P
Being posted to Hyd in mid Jan 2010, a place with countable known faces, led to a million questions like ‘why here, why me’ along with a million wishes for change, most of them being changing for something that looked attractive, easy going life with friends and familiarities around. But 2010 has sure showed me some real life. So, it’s all started now… my life’s reality show has begun.. or I have started seeing it now! Whatever!
"Time changes the way we look at things". True. Now I love life at office. But not weekends. They’r most often, boring!
Have had some real good times. Have showed around the city to many. Had some real adventures. Good fun. Seen some Thrilling life scenes, some scary ones too. Met strange types of people. Hated lots of things. Got angry more than ever before, and sad too. Still.. "Learning by living".. the process is going on..
Just feeling a lil settled over here, and then, There.. Something’s up! And I am in a fix. No clue as to what to do.
Sleeping on the problem!
Thinking how to act!
This is how m tackling it :P I hate it. And then I really act. So "Hatred, in disguise, is good". Now that’s my own quote ok!
There are lots of issues around.. So, already I’ve lots of work for 2011. Professionally, personally, socially, Hush! All this - I only have to do! A busy life! Well, that was one of my wishes last year – It works! :)
Wishing everyone fruitful 2011 wishes for the coming year.. Cheers! :)