Friday, 29 February 2008


Fantasy = daydream, fancy, hope, vision, flight of the imagination, castle in the sky.

I always had a fancy thought, as a kid of std. four or so, of seeing everyone traveling only on cycles, and the reason was it’s eco-friendly nature.. I used to think proudly. So then.. there would be nothing like rich or poor. Only one’s ability would decide where one would reach.. hehe!!

On thinking about our graduation day, I always got the vision of all of us -friends- wearing the black cap and holding a white paper roll in the hand.. all standing on the steps for a class photo. And then.. we take off the cap and flung it in the air together.. wow! it’d look so nice.. Feel even better - a sense of achievement. My friend even told me that such a thing doesn’t happen in our college.. but the word graduation still brings to me the same vision. Got lots of would-have’s (things I’d do) with that photo :)

A little sweet, a little sour, a little close, not too far.. all I need is to be free..

Monday, 11 February 2008

Random Thoughts

Had been to water the plants this morning.. n wow! I saw quite a few flowers, in the otherwise mostly green garden. There were roses of all colours.. red, pink, yellow, orange.. I guess spring is finally here, after the long winter. Ahaan!! Now I know.. these business minded people make good use of this time. It’s just so easy to please someone with a flower right? No wonder.. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around this time of the year!! Hmm.. fine. Everyone has the freedom to do what they want, whenever they want. If only anyone could get me a green rose, I thought.. (of-course a non tinted one) ;)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

on our Visit to the cement factory

We had been to visit my friend’s cement factory.. one of the much awaited things to do. Had thought thought ’n thought, said said ’n said, but nothing was done in this case, for semesters.. until yesterday. So.. gathered all friends together and made the day totally ours.

We left home early in the morning, but started the actual journey out of the city a bit late.. a lil bit. Similar was the case while coming back. And that happened because of unmentionable reasons. Unmentionable because.. it’s about the rare expertise girls have in finding and following routes. Oh! Before you think otherwise, let me tell you.. we’r really good at this, better than most most most others :) And such things happen only because we want to stay connected, ’n saath-saath, so to say.

On-the-way-rides were fun both the times.. even with the normal chatting, music, and the country-side views.. and the not so normal search-the-right-ways. This becomes a vital issue when u don’t know where the shortcut turn is and are trying to find it in dark evenings. Add to it.. getting caught in the mini traffic jam.. ’n thus becoming a lil restless. But how else do u learn?.. learn to discover, use read the notice boards meant to guide travelers, get out of the situation ’n feel a sense of accomplishment, and.. learn to listen! So, such things must happen. What’s the fun if u go the right way always.. isn't it? (we should sometimes go to the left also;)

Btw: I missed out something.. my driving session:

On our way back home, I was asked to hold the steering wheel for a while, kind-of an open invitation to me to try my hand at driving for the very 1st time.. wow!!.. I caught it tight at first.. trying to understand the movements.. (of the wheels that I couldn’t see.. and the curves of the road that didn’t actually move).. and the moment I stopped trying to understand.. I instantly, fell in love with it! With a wonderful guide, teacher, friend on the hot seat, I did not have the slightest hesitation of what I was doing. Neither did I have to accelerate, nor apply the breaks, nor do anything with the clutch. While I was enjoying this.. there were 4 of them on the back seat.. on full alert (coz the speed was nearly 100) Hehe, they, who were till that moment relaxing, almost tired and half asleep, were now.. I can say.. on their toes, ready to scream at any moment. But they got no chance.. instead they they too began to enjoy the ride..(I thought so, because of the pictures taken at that moment). So now I feel.. aa.. well.. Confident, that I too can someday take anyone for a wonderful ride on the country side.. :)

’n ya, the cement factory was.. like a cement factory.. well managed, out of the city, with efficient labourers ’n good machinery to produce good product, comfortable guest rooms, real good cooks, and a jhoola :)
As for the factory’s cement processing info, any chemistry book would give u the details. That’s why I did not mention it. Don’t mind ok.. ;)