Tuesday, 26 June 2007

That day, @ the wedding…

We had an invitation to a Hindu wedding...and after quite a lot of discussion we all agreed to go. Since the sky was clear that morning, it looked a pretty dry n sunny day. Little did we know that it would start pouring just when we had to leave. Anyways, we reached the place in time. It was a very big hall with as big dining room sufficient for accommodating about 500 people. hmm...and I was wondering when the Pujari-ji would finish his lullaby.

Then, at an unexpected instance, a young lad came forth to meet my dad. I didn’t know him and was just looking at him. He was well...a very good looking, descent fellow and probably friendly too...NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE SO QUICKLY. He looked like a smart young man well eligible for one of those ‘Raymond’ ads.

As I was wondering who he might be, dad asks us both…do u know each other?...I quickly said NO. So then after the briefest intro...(so I felt...coz I din have words to speak at that moment)...and some hi/hello...he left.

Then later, quite some time before we left the function, he came again...this time to meet mom...again there just could not be any talk between us...obviously all were around. Naa..that's a lame reason, just that I didn't speak up. He was an ambitious person...wants to be an IAS officer. Saw him walk off...n ya, he walked pretty well too...smart gait.

Well, finally let me introduce him to you...He is the son of my dad’s best friend...to whom I was talking when he came...for a moment I felt like saying, “wow uncle, is that your son?!!”.

well..all this apart...some people leave an imprint on the mind...n that's what has got me into writing this post.....balle balle!! jeeyo unke lal :D


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The lucky soul

Once upon a time in history,

Born in a holy city,

To a noble couple with hearts so sweet,

Was this princess, whom now you meet…

I actually don’t know what happened then,

May be I looked like the chick of a hen.

Coz my cousin used to pull my leg,

Down to the floor, from the bed.

A kid he was and very dear,

Whose birthday I didn’t miss, even in his first year.

We fought at times, but the victory was mine,

I am sorry I say, for those childish days.

With all love and care bestowed,

Only joy to me was showed,

And when a loud cry echoed the street,

Every heart with a soul would beat.

And I always got a treat

Of chocolates…very very sweet.

Which did rot my teeth...but they were really very sweet.

Then at school my friend I found,

And turned into a smile, my lazy frown.

There I learnt how to mingle,

And spread smiles to every single.

Always waited for vacations to come near,

More than that to meet my mate so dear.

To sing and dance and play all day,

And to share secrets, I must say!

She, then, had two little surprised eyes,

Now, has grown with grace and poise.

I was admired all these years,

And now it’s my turn to admire her :)

And in between a star was born,

Much more noble than the old.

It stuck on my face a smile so tight,

Which no power of the world could wipe.

I wish you luck and blessing so strong,

So that you may never go wrong,

And if ever, always grow strong.

Life indeed has silently,

Many a lessons to me taught..

Fixed in the permanent memory,

That need not say...forget me not!

Was kept away from films, but the TV was close..

Was left alone at times, but God was close.

Was kept away from all harm, intruders got close..

Was about to slip and fall, but got awakened...this lucky soul.

With that great resistance, a power developed;

This coy became bold.

And never again would allow this happen,

Made a firm decision..untold.

Thank you dear friend for always being here

With me, sailing through cloud and clear.

Always in me you will remain..

Please make this promise once again