Sunday, 30 March 2014

My best friend's Wedding

My best friend's Wedding...The latest right now and the last one before me :D

Best part is that we are friends since our 1st year of graduation.. benchmates then, whatsapp buddies now...just a call or ping away :)

So here's her love cum arranged marriage... i've discovered that i'm a super duper fan of love marriages, so many happening among people around me.. and i feel equally happy and excited for each couple :) :) :)

They both joined the same company together as batchmates, and secretly started liking each other. He hadn't hit on her as yet... but one day she happened to tell their common friends that she likes him... they, very excitedly and like all good guys, passed on the message to him.

She waited and waited, when will he come and say something... say hey? :D
Then one day he came up to her and said- 
hey..hey(she replied)
aur hum ?...(blush, shy, joy, exitement.....)

So what's next.. they kept dating and dating... she lovingly waited till he completed his higher studies... she had done her part and then it was his turn...
So right when her parents would start looking out for guys for her marriage... they decided that he would meet her parents and talk/explain/convince :) both were super anxious, with hearts in their mouths, until uncle aunty smiled and said "ok, that's great" :D
Next he had to convince his parents.. and they too welcomed her :)

(personally, i already knew her mom, now have met his mom... and just love both the aunties... they are so cute/loving/enthu/awesome.... my firend is damn lucky...)

Their wedding got fixed well in advance... hall booking, preparations etc... both moms and dads started working towards making the upcoming event a memorable and delightful one.

I was free, she was free, we met a couple of times during our common vacations...and shopped a bit... then she shopped some more with her mom, and his mom, and her sis, and with him... :D 

We had put in good efforts to finalize my outfit for her special day and it really turned out to be very good :) There was a lot of happiness/ eagerness/ waiting time associated with it :P and the happiness still continues with pics etc :) :)

I reached well in time for the functions and enjoyed the 2 days with another friend...being with the bride and witnessing all the different ceremonies, different customs that were performed. My friend -the Bride- was dressed beautifully each time and looked adorable. When the groom saw her for the first time on the engagement day... she was performing some pooja with her family.. and he kept watching her as she walked up to the she sat down.. he just kept on looking at her :) Must say they had a good time on the wedding day too...with easy and comfort, enjoying all the attention they got... bcoz all the hustle tussle was left among the aunties and the pujaris.

Kalyan wale uncle and aunty became our friends. They had come all the way from Bombay. Uncle clicked lots and lots of snaps in his smartphone with much interest of making an album of his own.
Aunty kept chit chatting with us all time and we had a great time.
Me and Manik enjoyed distributing stuff among the guests.. and witnessing every part of the wedding :) 

Wishing you both... 'Showers of Blessings' and 'Loads of Happiness' :* (hugs and kisses)