Wednesday, 26 December 2007

X'mas 2007

Hear 'Christmas' and I can't stop thinking about carols. Old, new.. all the same.. they take me into the jolly-good-mood I need to get a feel of the festive season that comes with blessings, love, joy, cakes, friends, fun (and now exams). Whether it's the lively joy to the world, or the soft silent night, or the story telling long time ago or those with funny rudolph, dashing santa, angels or the three kings... I like them all :) And before this festive excitement dies down, I thought of taking a few pictures..

heard that jingling music of the play toy at the very start of the song.. nice no?

Saturday, 15 December 2007

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Above average.. what rubbish.. I know nothing enough to even pass.
But the grade is still B.. :P
If you try, tell me yours.. :)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Felt I should continue this poem
Now that I read it again,
For, forever a note to retain
It will remain.

Times and Things, both have changed
For better, for worse, I know not yet
It’s going to be nonane, decane instead of heptane, octane
Copies they’ll be though
Yet completely different.
I don’t want this gift
Still santa insists.. and I must have it.

Magical it seems
Still.. to me and all.
I dare not even wonder, it holds what all!!!
For I fear, me it will mould.. to what I am untold.

Remembered the times of gold
When all good luck itself showed.
Quite some times of real fun
They still come alive, those thoughts of old.

Cherishable they are,
I will never forget
That joy of friendship, of love and care,
Of excitement, of thrill,
Of small achievements and crowning titles,
All those moments, of fun so rare.

Now they are moments of past
Forever in memories they will last,
Decide to make many more
Such livening pleasures, for life is untold.
And we may need them all the more,
While shrinking with sore.

Today is the day we got to share
Joys, fun and loving care,
With everyone whom we meet
Ah! All these words only seem so sweet.
Yet I’ll give it a try, I know not why
And how this will benefit
I’ll tell you, the next time we meet.

Actually there’s no need of that. For..
I tell you.. I laughed my heart out when I read this completed piece,
And that’s the benefit it all yields.
(And I’m still saying wah! wah!! ..hehehe)
Ah! Feels so good when we’r light.. isn’t it?
Thank you dear words for making me alright.. again :)