Thursday, 3 July 2008

3. (Royal Welcome)

It was the end of autumn and summer had just begun. Nights ended sooner than usual. For a change, Princess decided to go for morning walks – all for fun, it was. But as expected she snoozed the alarm, twice. Heard a voice teasing her that she couldn’t keep resolutions. Then finally got up, ready to take up the challenge, lazily got ready and slowly tied her shoe-laces and set out. Little did she know about how wonderful it would turn out to be!

The moon was out there waiting to be seen by someone atleast, like, for the last time for that night, as if to say that it had done its duty, and now saying good-by for the day. The stars had already left. They are too proud of themselves being *stars*, but the moon is much more humble. So, the walk began.. it was cold and dark everywhere. Princess was wondering what she was doing at such a time on the national highway. Felt like going back home, and into the bed.. oh how nice and cozy it would be, but she continued just to keep up the resolution. Yawning while walking didn’t seem unusual at all.. After quite some time it was getting clearer ( is ‘getting closer to dawn’ a proper sentence?)

Pretty flowers of the Gulmohor and similar trees had begun to shed their petals. And they all lay there on the ground, as if to welcome the morning walkers. The pathway looked like a carpet, coloured in patches of red, orange and yellow. Some places were patched with dry leaves, and the rest of the road was bare. Wow! What a wonderful sight it was! Quiet a few vehicles rode that way, but surely they must not have enjoyed the sight enough. Then at a particular point, at a crossroad, one could hear the sound of water, trying hard to gush out, but unable to do so, probably because of a very small outlet. That was a starting point of a water pipe, a valve may be. But the sound of the struggling water was so pleasing to hear. And after some more time, on the way back home I mean, one could see the sky changing colours beautifully, from the initial darker shades of blue to it’s lighter tints, then to a mix of orangey yellow, and then bright, really bright. And all this setting for a delightful sunrise, which occurred in moments you couldn’t even count. Ah, so lovely!

Indeed it was a Royal Welcome!

2. (Involved)

“Seriously yaar, it’s been enough; enough of running away from boredom and these weakening thoughts. Enough of being idle”, Princess thought. “I’m gonna get involved, into some activity or the other. After all life’s motive is this, right? -to be involved into something until you never know what happened to you!!

Complex, is it? There could be complexities even more complex.

So, involvement is the key to a life of simplicity. Isn’t it?”