Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Terrace - 2.

It was a cool breezy evening. He was practicing helicopter rides and stuff. She stayed in the same area where he and his fellow fauji trainees were getting trained. He asked her to come up on the terrace. She guessed he’d be in that copter, flying above. She ran upstairs. The copter took 2 rounds. No signs of any human traces, no hand-wave, nothing. She knew they took turns while flying. After some time, when she was a lil bored and let-down, but still waiting on the top, she saw something flying out of the copter. It was a cloth. He held out a flag kind-off thing with “***, I love you a lot” written on it. She was thrilled, shy, scared, over-joyed. She had mixed feelings. And the flag flew with the copter all round that city area. Children screamed on top of their voices, hoping they’d be heard by the flyer. And others just watched with wonder. Wow! :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The sun is set. The night has dawned. The breeze is getting cooler. The plants are thirsty. She waters them, they smile. They move with the breeze and say, thank you. Lights appear in houses – doors, windows and cracked walls shine bright, and rays come out into the open spaces. The road echoes heavy sounds of vehicles – small ‘n big – all of them want to make noise, a sound which all of us are used to, now! A few vehicles turn home – to rest n find some peace, while she strolls to and fro from the water tank to the planted pots. It is all wet now, with water, cooling the atmosphere even more. It’s lovely!

A few white clouds move in the sky, blurring her sight to the twinkling stars, but the moon hasn’t come yet. She wants to talk to him… She wants to tell him everything – all that happened during the day – incidents, thoughts and feelings. She wants to send messages to her bestest friend, but the messenger, the moon, is not there, not yet!

When he comes, he shines brightly, but not alone; his friends, the stars are all there, with him. They all make the sky look beautiful. She wishes he (her bestest friend) was here. Then, they’d both sit together n may be talk, may be say nothing, just enjoy the company of each other. And in the moon-lit night, they’d look into each other’s eyes and speak volumes, not found in any book of any library.

Then, he’d say to her, you are so beautiful.. and Ah! That’s it. Her ears would shut, at that very moment – shut to every other sound from the surrounding, only to hear him. She’d find him beautiful too and so be there totally with all senses awakened. And all these would have just one input source - he, her bestest friend.
Time would cease while beautiful moments would be made. They’d know nothing but the presence of each other and it’d be the best feeling ever. That’d make life worth living and dying for!

ek pal ke liye hi sahi, ghadiya hamko mili makhmali pyar ki, iss ek pal ko jee le zara..
phir kya ho kya khabar, dekha hain kisne kal, aa raat rok le, phir ho na jaaye sehar