Monday, 14 March 2011

Made my day!!

It was a normal working day.. a Monday! K Din want to come to office, din want to get ready, din want to take tht same road to office again, din want to work, hush! But had to! K Anyways, there was something more to add to this day. . We were expecting our onsite pm at our odc. Since we had had a very good time with him in our first project, we freshers were lil bit eager to meet him. But I did not remember this on Monday. His coming, going, talks, whatever had gone in the background. I entered the main gate, lots of employees rushing in, checking in themselves, and their baggage, I was one of them. Suddenly I hear a friendly call, shouting out my name. I look around to find this guest – my first pm, and wow, it was indeed a very pleasant surprise! J J It was nice.. awesome meeting! ;-)