Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It pricks sometimes..

Achievements.. we get them, and then comes the celebration part. We think of everyone who could share that joy with us. First come the people immediately beside us at the time we hear that delightful news, then come our family n friends, with whom we share the laughter, fun, excitement, thrill.. jumping around, spreading smiles with twinkling eyes.. We immediately message the ones far away and they reply so instantly that we don’t have enough time to hold all those moments together.. we laugh and laugh, for few minutes with each one, on every call.

And then we think of our colleagues, our teachers.. but little do we know at that moment how little they’ll get involved in that joy. We excitedly go ahead the next day.. to meet them.. and share with them.. that joy for which we had waited for so long.. and finally when we meet them, nothing much happens! Nothing but an expression of outward “wow” or “oh, that’s good” and a plain dry smile:! And my happy balloon, which had reached the moon, starts to leave the air out from a tiny hole sometimes, and sometimes from a big one.

Then I think of things that matter most, things that happened way back at home, things that added so much joy to that achievement few hours ago, and things that now prick my balloon of joy! For here, there’ll always be better people, with better grades than me. People who’ll compare our grades, and people who’ll not even bother to ask.. I suddenly become invisible to them in the presence of my mates with better grades. That’s when it pricks. But I don’t bother, for I remember my little happy community of happy “frenz” with whom I’ve shared that bundle of joy already.. and a few more whom I now meet. Then I patch up the hole and blow the balloon again. And then it flies constantly, without interruption, there.. high up in the air.. :)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Still Waiting!!!

Its 14th Feb today. We’r coming close to celebrating our first anniversary, which falls on 26th March. That was the day we selected each other, to be together in the years to come. It was the only day we met. And since then am waiting, waiting for your official response, because that is the only way we can be together. I know you’ll need me because I’ll do everything possible for you, but actually, I need you more than that, a reason for my earning. You’ll be the reason for most of my busy days in the future. You’ll be the one with whom I’ll spend most part of my days. Yes you, only you. And here I am, still waiting for your response. When will you call me? When will you mail me? Am waiting, and you know it. Dear HRs, Do reply, at the earliest.

Btw: one good news.. I got 70% exact, for the first time in many recent years.. and I am shocked. It’s my first FCD, lol.

Everyone is very happy on this my valentine’s day gift ;) from my varsity.

Thank you Balaji baba (our evaluation registrar) :P and thank you Khincha babaji :) even if you are not involved in me getting this.

Thanks to God, well-wishers and FRIENDS :) love you all.. Cheers! booozzz as much as you want, i won't say a word! lol..

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


We were four of us that day.. a nice lazy evening, the mood to do nothing, just lingering around in the room.. when there was a power cut. Ah! So then we were again the four of us, with a couple of lighted candles.. in an even more lazy atmosphere. One of us climbed up the stairs to the terrace, and Wo!.. found a big bright light glowing for the entire city – the moon, it was. He called out to her (who was still with us, in the candle-lit room) ‘Hey! Come up, the moonlight is beautiful out here’. She lazily said ‘ya, ok’, moved to the other side and continued to lie on the bed. He called out again.. ‘Hey! Come up..’. I said, ‘Wow! He’s calling you in the moonlight.. go na..’ she smiled but stayed in her place. He called out again.. to all three of us.. ‘Come on guys, come up.. and get that bottle along.. from the fridge.. and get three glasses also’. I knew who would run to the fridge.. the still-unknown person in this post.. the fourth person, who till now laid silent and still on her couch, and now on hearing the orders ran to the fridge. For the one who would get the things together, would get to drink from the bottle. It was a made-up rule, so to say.

Within three minutes, we four were lying on a mat, on the terrace, looking at the stars, talking whatever.. I don’t clearly remember, and sipping from the glasses. For the first time I felt my head go round.. a bit.. may be I took fairly big sips.. and for the first time my glass was empty before any of the other’s! All were shocked, but that didn’t matter any longer.. everyone was in their own world! You don’t expect me to say something more, do you?