Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I wasn’t money minded, until yesterday..

Money should be flowing.. from place to place, person to person, bank to hand, hand to bank, hand to wallet, wallet to shopkeeper, wallet to vegetable-seller, wallet to my hand and then back into the wallet, wallet to my hand and then to the one in need.. Whatever the case may be, to me.. money seemed to be either flowing (through my wallet) or stagnant (in others wallets). But I always felt it was made to be used.. like in.. to play games (the games we had played as kiddos – dukaan-dukaan, remember?). Till date, I still think it is meant only to be given to the shopkeeper, so that he gives you what you want. Easy thing to do, isn’t it?... hmm..... Hey!! Also to my college, so that I can someday graduate.. and to my evaluators, re-valuators, the varsity in general. They all seem to be in need of it.. that’s why they keep asking for it every-time.. are they in need, really? Or is it that they are just attracted to it for some earthly reason? I did not understand, until yesterday..

Yesterday was the day.. The D-day of my earthly life, Life that needs money, the one most precious thing created by a group of moving earthly bodies called humans. It was this D-day when I actually thought about the need for money. Discussed how I’d use it, when I’d earn (whenever that would be). It was an impossible task for me to do alone. Thank god for the company of my kiddo sis. Or.. so I had thought about her, coz yesterday she seemed to know more things-to-do than me..!! And again.. the money seemed to be free-flowing out of my wallet.. like captain cook salt.

God!!! I thought. Now I can get a small glimpse of what it would be like afterwards. And also understand a bit of what those words.. (what are they?.. haan..) money, earn, burn, save and the other similar ones mean.

Even after living on this earth for so many years, after having shopped for things in most of those years, after having done quite a few things to join educational institutes, after having gone to the doc so many times, after having starved that day when we did not have enough in-hand to eat coz we had used it all for journal binding, I still lived in ignorance. That’s why I said, “I wasn’t money minded until yesterday..”

Friday, 7 March 2008

Greenday – I walk alone – my way..

I walk this dirty road
The only one that I got-to walk along
Knowing where it goes
Is just the reason for me to sing this song
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, Alone ya
The crowd is moving all around me
My shadow’s lurking well behind me
The sunshine makes my eyes go, in and small now
Now as I walk alone.. ta tada tada tada..taada..

They spray their mouths in air
’n decorate the pathway all along
Why it’s me again
I wonder, as I walk along
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, Alone ya
The smoker’s walking right in front ’o me
He’s looking like a moving chimney
As his cigarette is gives him company
Now slowly I take a turn.. ta tada tada tada..taada..

I look up all around
At everything that my vision shows me now
Hangings everywhere
But the kids play, is what I’d love to share
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, Alone ya
A new lane I see so curiously
I wonder where about it goes now
The building seems to come a ’lil closer
So here my dest. I found.. ta tada tada tada..taada..
ta tada tada tada!