Friday, 14 January 2011

Confirmed.. and now on..

I got my new year gift from my company. Confirmation letter:) Seems like a good start. Also, I’ll be getting paid a bit more. I can use it as travel allowance :P
"Wanna go home, wanna go home.." this attitude of mine is changing. Coz now-a-days, m experiencing a strong feeling of "Home is where the heart is" type. And work is attracting me now.
As a trend, almost everyone sends out a mail bidding farewell to all colleagues and friends while leaving the company. I got two such mails today – one from my dear friend, another from an acquaintance. First I read my friend’s mail. Most part of it was like a letter, a conversation - direct from the heart. The other mail was a complete copy paste, with extracts taken from older mails, clearly noticeable, making me feel so ***! What’s the point in doing something just because you have to!!! (But you know what… both the mails had one common sentence… the one describing our training days at mysore… with perfectly identical wordings. How can two people think so similar? Huh! Both have copied this from another common old mail :P )
Even I used to copy paste when there was redundant work. But after getting a good firing, for my own good, my attitude has changed. "Original" – this is on my mind now! And hopefully remains forever.
So, confirmed now! This means I can choose my ways towards redesigning my career, and m working on it. Happy! :)