Tuesday, 2 December 2008


There was a bird I thought,
At a distance.. on that tree,
Ya, it looked like some creature that could fly,
So bird I called it, but which.. I wondered.
It had a long tail, like that of a peacock,
So peacock I called it.
It was sitting on the tree, and suddenly, to my surprise, it flew.
Now peacocks don’t fly so high.
It flew up till the building’s height,
A few stories may be, and up into the clear sky.
Then made circles in the air.
Magical rings they seemed to be,
With colours of shining yellow and gold.
Strange, but beautiful; and I stood in awe
Watching it dance to the tune it felt so.
Round and round, it swayed in curves,
Making beautiful shades in the dark sky.
With beauty, grace,
A happy smiling face,
And no one to comment,
It danced to its heart’s content.
Then left a bubble in the air,
That grew so big.. big enough to swallow it in.
Still, it danced inside, though I thought it would faint,
And left another bubble, that grew as large, but slightly smaller,
Which pulled the big bubble, and the bird,
And its wings, and its head..
And everything else..
Until it disappeared, like as if magically dead.
A dream it was, I was sure,
Yet it seems to be so real and near.
Ya, it was magical, that is true,
It made me write another poem, for you.