Saturday, 19 April 2008

for that oh so spl Autograph book..

Hello again.. :) [I’m back.. took some time, as I couldn't hang on to a single topic, and also lacked patience.
BigB has just started blogging, and look at the comments he’s got.. and look at us..!!! hehe, I’m just expressing my thoughts on what I’ve noticed. No envy.]

Ok, so here's what I’ve done while I was idle on this.. my blog.
Wrote a quote-turned-into-poem for the first page of her autograph book..

" Dear Teacher/Friend,

Write down a line,
In this book of mine,
For it will shine
Always, in future time.

You are my gift,
Special and dear,
The words you write for me,
I will always keep near.

Your memories,
I will always treasure.
And whenever I read them,
Draw immense pleasure.

So, what are you thinking dear,
Just take the pen and start scribbling here.. :) "

TP, but Fun

[Read the first two lines, then added a few more..]

Tu sui, mi dora
Tu kali, mi gora :D

Tu paus, mi themb
Tu wild, mi tame

Tu bucket, mi mug
Tu chadar, mi rug

Tu limbu, mi ras
Tu driver, mi bus

Tu kissa, mi purse
Tu patient, mi nurse

Mi dhag, tu ambar
Mi road, tu dambar :D

-- So, how was that?