Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just fun

I’m checking the date on my cell – It is 29th Aug 2010. Not very particular about dates u see, unless on leave or need to fill some timesheets in office. Anyways, it’s Sunday evening 7pm. Wow! I’m so happy that tomorrow is a working day. I see fun at workplace you see, because these days I actually don’t have much work. Also, I can chat with my best friends on communicator :) Yeppie! Feeling so nice after 48 long and worse hours of my life. No cooking gas cylinder for a week, has made my life so dull over here. I’ve been trying so much to get one, but in vain :( daily I need to think where to eat, n wt to eat. Also, I don’t have the company of a foodie, else I wud hav enjoyed even more. I wish I’d been home this weekend or at-least mom dad should’ve been here, staying always with me :’( Anyways, 10 more days n I’ll be home :) :) :) The countdown begins..

Guess wt, I jus found Rs.10 fallen on the footpath. The tea I had with tht money was far more refreshing than the usual ones ;-) Well, this is far lesser when compared to the Rs.500 which I’d found some 7-8 months back. Then, I din kno wt to do with tht bit big amt. So, about 7-8 of us friends had had a yummy dinner and the remaining I used somehow.. Most of them had suggested to drop it into the donation box, but I din find tht box anywhere at tht time :) Anyways, wts the point in doing tht.. I feel, one must give from one’s own pocket and feel the pinch (even a slight pinch wud do ;-) then it’d make some good sense.. right? Right! :)

Hmm.. so wt else.. nothing much now.. jus waiting for these 10 days to go by.. n I’ll be home :) :) :) One-way, Good tht this place is far from home, mom dad sis had a nice long holiday here, I enjoyed every bit of it. How we had had wonderful times roaming around the city, taking one place at a time, but one day they had to go by themselves, without me :’( and how they had waited outside when I had come home late :’( how me n my roomie were not bothered about the daily cooking, how much I had talked in tht short lil span of time, my mouth had almost pained, and their ears too hehee :) :) Even now, I jus need to say come and dad will be here the next morning, I know. Papa always makes me proud yar :) I love him :) :) :)