Sunday, 5 July 2009

Curry leaves

All my classmates gathered for a class photo @ the lib entrance. Then, our valedictory_function()-cum-official_farewell began… It began..with an invocation song. The hostesses uttered some not-so-famous quotes appropriate for the closing ceremony of the dept association. Our staff coordinator listed out the activities of least interest carried out during the year. Princi spoke for more than 20 mins. He loves to speak. That even makes the function long enough to be noticed. The already known winners received their (kind-off) delayed certificates. A few clapped and got bored. Few others clapped just to have the fun of hearing the clapping sound. Few “prejudiced” awards were given to selected outgoing students. Literally, everyone was bugged up. Sitting like dummies, without the power to raise a voice (neither in protest nor praise…) but I was busy. Busy wondering whether what I had prepared to speak as feedback would be appropriate. Should I or should I not say what I wanted to say?

I wanted to speak. I wanted and this was a moment long awaited – 2yrs! And so I went up the stage n spoke, just because of those few good people whom we appreciate in the dept. I was shivering (a bit) wondering how it’d be. And it was fun! Absolute fun and I can happily say, it was the best part of the function that day! Big shouts for those who deserved, as I took their names, and chilled silence for those who didn’t. We all were happy. Some grateful. Everyone appreciated and I was satisfied. And..for that one day, princi knew me :P

It was like a different refreshing the one produced by adding curry leaves to the garnish! :) lovely!

Excerpts from mobile dairy:

21st May 2009 (evening):
With an incomplete project in one hand and clothing for 3 days in another, we students are being taken- for a proj competition. lol... looks like d dept is making up for all its tortures in d past semesters by taking us for a compulsory picnic :)

We’r on our way to Hassan. After all d hotch-potch at home, of attempting to study for ia n not attending it, instead being taken on this trip, n hurriedly completing some parts of the project while learning a lot of new things so quickly, n now d cool ride.. feels gr8!
Things are turning out to be exactly opposite.. had thought it’d be very hot, but it rained all night..n d lone driver had a tough time. Its 24 hrs since he woke up, n 13 hrs since he started driving. Journeys like these keep me awake these days.. though I dozed off a few times with d sound of d heavy downpour last night. And since 6am d scenes outside have been eye cooling. We even took a wrong route with a lake on one side n a railway track on another, n came back, but it was d most beautiful route till now. Most wrong routes are often d most beautiful n adventurous ones, n I love them :) They’ll come for a very short time but leave behind memories for a lifetime. Later today will be reg n resting day. Will update later :) chao! Gudde!

22nd May 2009 (night):
Had a tiring day…along with d enjoyment of being with classmates.. Its fun to stay together like this…like, in a hostel…for a short time! Learn co-ordination… jus for those 2 days…while d thought might remain for abt a week :P Doing daily daily chores together scares off laziness coz otherwise u are sure of not getting a bathroom…in time, now warm water, or, not even plain water for that matter. Oops, need to wake up early tomo for this.. but m planning to be at leasure. For a change, hanji is seeming calm. It’s midnight n everyone is sleeping. They even seemed to be sleeping during d journey! M still here(awake), though I was awake in the bus too. But now I can see 2 mobiles, n even d words m typing are looking double! Guess I need rest :) good night.

23rd May 2009 (night):
I wanna go home!

24th May 2009: (nothing written in mobile diary.. I was jus happy, I’d be going home.. hehehe. And sir took us for a 1 hr tour to halebidu :) this was good, compulsory picnic from d dept :)