Friday, 31 December 2010

Dawn of 2011 wishes..

For me, a few of these 2011 wishes have been blooming from quiet some time, a few were being wished for ever since the end of Jan 2010 itself :P
Being posted to Hyd in mid Jan 2010, a place with countable known faces, led to a million questions like ‘why here, why me’ along with a million wishes for change, most of them being changing for something that looked attractive, easy going life with friends and familiarities around. But 2010 has sure showed me some real life. So, it’s all started now… my life’s reality show has begun.. or I have started seeing it now! Whatever!
"Time changes the way we look at things". True. Now I love life at office. But not weekends. They’r most often, boring!
Have had some real good times. Have showed around the city to many. Had some real adventures. Good fun. Seen some Thrilling life scenes, some scary ones too. Met strange types of people. Hated lots of things. Got angry more than ever before, and sad too. Still.. "Learning by living".. the process is going on..
Just feeling a lil settled over here, and then, There.. Something’s up! And I am in a fix. No clue as to what to do.
Sleeping on the problem!
Thinking how to act!
This is how m tackling it :P I hate it. And then I really act. So "Hatred, in disguise, is good". Now that’s my own quote ok!
There are lots of issues around.. So, already I’ve lots of work for 2011. Professionally, personally, socially, Hush! All this - I only have to do! A busy life! Well, that was one of my wishes last year – It works! :)
Wishing everyone fruitful 2011 wishes for the coming year.. Cheers! :)

Monday, 8 November 2010


It isn't the first time i'm leaving home for work, but somehow I don't want to go.

I came across an auntie in the city today, who recognized me easily, while I just kept wondering who she could be. Had met her about 6-7 yrs ago. When she asked me what I was up to these days, I replied saying, "I'm studying engineering. Oops, no no auntie, i've finished engineering, now working"

hush.. I need to get back to work, leaving tonight. :'(

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Haunted by boredom.

I'm bored to the core.. donno from where it all came, but it's with me today.. ALL DAY!
GTH man, jus get out. But its not going. This morning, I woke up with a heavy head, did something for 2 mins, n went back to sleep. Then woke up again after a lil less than an hour, started getting ready to go to office. Everything moved slowly, I din progress a bit.
Kya yaar... pata nahi wts going on!
I'm not working the least bit. Got late to office, Talked to my best fren on the way, continued, n then reached finally reached my cubicle. Trying to read some scripts since morning, but in vain. Then I decided to pass some time until evening, put on my ear phones, n without my knowledge I started humming 'more than a friend'. My lead, n a colleague, sitting in the neighouring left n right cubes stood at once gesturing me to soften down. I was so embarressed..that too deeply! ummmmmmm! I jus pulled out my ear plugs, tried to hide my face. OMG!
*(&X(%X^Z** ........ dinno wt to do!
Jus then I got a ping for a team discussion. Right timing, we were all distracted from my topic.
Chalo, that was good enough to get me out of the embarressed mood.
btw: small boss jus peeped in, and he has told me the next time post, write 'My lead is handsome' and I won’t do tht :P


I jus over heard big boss saying.. "at the detailed level, make the detail design as detailed as possible" LOL :D

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The natural flow :P

The natural flow was running smoothly. Now it was our turn to implement the same stuff together and we wanted to enjoy it ;)
Though we had a fair idea about the inputs and expected outputs,.....and those lil things to do here n there....., most details and procedures(whether right or wrong) were unclear. In order to be on the same lines, we needed to talk and do things synchronously. So we started with a talk :)

I thought that I had quiet a lot to speak about my research and current knowledge, but he wasn't far away. He had lots to say.
Without wasting a moment, he began... and I was like, 'ok.. ya.. right.. n then, wt's this?... I hope it'll be fine... how do we do this?'
He said, 'See, it's like.. First we do this.. We'll try this way/that way.. how about.. What do u say?'
I said, 'hmm..'
He said, 'Snehal, you are getting it, right?'
'hmm, somewhat' I had some doubts, as usual, but he made sure that his knowledge was perfect..(or so it seemed to me!)
'ok, No worries, I'll tell you when needed', he said.:)
So finally, he was done, and expected me to take over.
OMG.. I was damn tired, just because of him!
'You there? Listening, right? Shall we start?'
I thought, 'If we got to start now, what was all that you did till now? A demo?'
Well if that was a demo, then I'll be dead :P
'hush! I need a break!'

Note: This incident is one of the project development activities in office, involving long, tiring conversations over VOIP.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I jus over-heard my small boss call up my actual boss...saying "hi..." n the actual boss says... "hey...what is up?"
lol, I can't stop laughing :D

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Finding some free time, is a must.

Okay.. Even with this huge amount of work
- daily onsite meetings, trying hard to understand what they are speaking about, then humming some a yes(most frequently) or a no(rarely)
- updates with team mates, my immediate boss(small boss), onsite head(better boss) , and how could I forget – apna local SPM(the actual boss, who, I usually forget – exists, and can have extreme impact on my grades/other benefits etc),
- colleagues, waiting impatiently for the daily coffee breaks, which have become compulsorily two per day,
- chatting, with my best friend/ sometimes friends, and sometimes a good long call ;-)
- a good long lunch break, n the exciting discussion on the menu when there is a food fest announced by the canteen committee :D and a further analysis on how it all looked and tasted,
- later in the afternoon, feeling drowsy, yet trying hard to understand what task I’ve got to do :
- n then re-discussing the already discussed stuff :) n trying to prepare some document :)
I’ve started ‘chit chatting’ with a neighbouring friend. This afternoon, post lunch, it went out of bounds – we were trying out ‘talking tom’, an application in her iphone. It recognizes your voice and repeats all that you say. And I was having a weirdly funny conversation. But it was fun! I had a wonderful time. And after some time, one colleague, sitting 2 cubicles away pings me asking, "What are you doing?".
I said, "Just having some fun"
"You are not supposed to do this. You are disturbing our Proj group"
"Well, sorry for that"
So, looks like, I’ve got lots of free time, isn’t it?

Friday, 24 September 2010

look at him

If you are NOT IN INFY, u gotta be in some neat n clean place ABROAD. Well, that’s the trend these days, I see. I say this because, their albums in picasa or elsewhere, unless it is a friend’s or relative’s wedding, contain pics taken at some nice, neat n clean location. I can only relate this to INFOSYS, because of the long hours I have to spend here. I see lush green lawns, beautifully architecture buildings, n people, sometimes lots, sometimes few, but nothing new! Well well well, there is one new person I happen to come across in lifts, at the coffee pantry - a lil often in the last few days. :) he’s smart, handsome, n his height is also appropriate ;-) and.. he roams alone! :) But he’s got a ring on his ring finger, right hand. Well, does that mean he’s already hooked up?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just fun

I’m checking the date on my cell – It is 29th Aug 2010. Not very particular about dates u see, unless on leave or need to fill some timesheets in office. Anyways, it’s Sunday evening 7pm. Wow! I’m so happy that tomorrow is a working day. I see fun at workplace you see, because these days I actually don’t have much work. Also, I can chat with my best friends on communicator :) Yeppie! Feeling so nice after 48 long and worse hours of my life. No cooking gas cylinder for a week, has made my life so dull over here. I’ve been trying so much to get one, but in vain :( daily I need to think where to eat, n wt to eat. Also, I don’t have the company of a foodie, else I wud hav enjoyed even more. I wish I’d been home this weekend or at-least mom dad should’ve been here, staying always with me :’( Anyways, 10 more days n I’ll be home :) :) :) The countdown begins..

Guess wt, I jus found Rs.10 fallen on the footpath. The tea I had with tht money was far more refreshing than the usual ones ;-) Well, this is far lesser when compared to the Rs.500 which I’d found some 7-8 months back. Then, I din kno wt to do with tht bit big amt. So, about 7-8 of us friends had had a yummy dinner and the remaining I used somehow.. Most of them had suggested to drop it into the donation box, but I din find tht box anywhere at tht time :) Anyways, wts the point in doing tht.. I feel, one must give from one’s own pocket and feel the pinch (even a slight pinch wud do ;-) then it’d make some good sense.. right? Right! :)

Hmm.. so wt else.. nothing much now.. jus waiting for these 10 days to go by.. n I’ll be home :) :) :) One-way, Good tht this place is far from home, mom dad sis had a nice long holiday here, I enjoyed every bit of it. How we had had wonderful times roaming around the city, taking one place at a time, but one day they had to go by themselves, without me :’( and how they had waited outside when I had come home late :’( how me n my roomie were not bothered about the daily cooking, how much I had talked in tht short lil span of time, my mouth had almost pained, and their ears too hehee :) :) Even now, I jus need to say come and dad will be here the next morning, I know. Papa always makes me proud yar :) I love him :) :) :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

At the office

I’m in office; Supposed to be working. Servers are running damn slowly, making me also sleepy. Client website (having the same icons, which I have to open a million times because of our super slow connectivity links), times-of-india (for some out of office refreshment), igoogle page done with errors(to see weather reports, and to play hangman), and some random links are open in internet explorer. Office Communicator is open, with three conversation windows. These were started as soon as I had logged in. The server is still slow. But it’s running. Even m running into sleep mode.. hmm.. gudnite.. .. .. *PING* I’ve been assigned another task. *WAKE UP*, *WAKE UP*.. have some water.. the bottle’s empty, need to fill it now.. hush! :)

I don’t want to work as usual. So, first I come in late, act as if working, (work a bit to avoid feeling guilty), have coffee, tea, snacks, play, n rest, chat with friends, curse the servers, n those who play lazy, those who get the benefits of our hard work! **#&%$^#^#^%%^** huh! Forget them!
It is a Sunday! Enjoy! :)