Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Finding some free time, is a must.

Okay.. Even with this huge amount of work
- daily onsite meetings, trying hard to understand what they are speaking about, then humming some a yes(most frequently) or a no(rarely)
- updates with team mates, my immediate boss(small boss), onsite head(better boss) , and how could I forget – apna local SPM(the actual boss, who, I usually forget – exists, and can have extreme impact on my grades/other benefits etc),
- colleagues, waiting impatiently for the daily coffee breaks, which have become compulsorily two per day,
- chatting, with my best friend/ sometimes friends, and sometimes a good long call ;-)
- a good long lunch break, n the exciting discussion on the menu when there is a food fest announced by the canteen committee :D and a further analysis on how it all looked and tasted,
- later in the afternoon, feeling drowsy, yet trying hard to understand what task I’ve got to do :
- n then re-discussing the already discussed stuff :) n trying to prepare some document :)
I’ve started ‘chit chatting’ with a neighbouring friend. This afternoon, post lunch, it went out of bounds – we were trying out ‘talking tom’, an application in her iphone. It recognizes your voice and repeats all that you say. And I was having a weirdly funny conversation. But it was fun! I had a wonderful time. And after some time, one colleague, sitting 2 cubicles away pings me asking, "What are you doing?".
I said, "Just having some fun"
"You are not supposed to do this. You are disturbing our Proj group"
"Well, sorry for that"
So, looks like, I’ve got lots of free time, isn’t it?

Friday, 24 September 2010

look at him

If you are NOT IN INFY, u gotta be in some neat n clean place ABROAD. Well, that’s the trend these days, I see. I say this because, their albums in picasa or elsewhere, unless it is a friend’s or relative’s wedding, contain pics taken at some nice, neat n clean location. I can only relate this to INFOSYS, because of the long hours I have to spend here. I see lush green lawns, beautifully architecture buildings, n people, sometimes lots, sometimes few, but nothing new! Well well well, there is one new person I happen to come across in lifts, at the coffee pantry - a lil often in the last few days. :) he’s smart, handsome, n his height is also appropriate ;-) and.. he roams alone! :) But he’s got a ring on his ring finger, right hand. Well, does that mean he’s already hooked up?