Sunday, 30 March 2014

My best friend's Wedding

My best friend's Wedding...The latest right now and the last one before me :D

Best part is that we are friends since our 1st year of graduation.. benchmates then, whatsapp buddies now...just a call or ping away :)

So here's her love cum arranged marriage... i've discovered that i'm a super duper fan of love marriages, so many happening among people around me.. and i feel equally happy and excited for each couple :) :) :)

They both joined the same company together as batchmates, and secretly started liking each other. He hadn't hit on her as yet... but one day she happened to tell their common friends that she likes him... they, very excitedly and like all good guys, passed on the message to him.

She waited and waited, when will he come and say something... say hey? :D
Then one day he came up to her and said- 
hey..hey(she replied)
aur hum ?...(blush, shy, joy, exitement.....)

So what's next.. they kept dating and dating... she lovingly waited till he completed his higher studies... she had done her part and then it was his turn...
So right when her parents would start looking out for guys for her marriage... they decided that he would meet her parents and talk/explain/convince :) both were super anxious, with hearts in their mouths, until uncle aunty smiled and said "ok, that's great" :D
Next he had to convince his parents.. and they too welcomed her :)

(personally, i already knew her mom, now have met his mom... and just love both the aunties... they are so cute/loving/enthu/awesome.... my firend is damn lucky...)

Their wedding got fixed well in advance... hall booking, preparations etc... both moms and dads started working towards making the upcoming event a memorable and delightful one.

I was free, she was free, we met a couple of times during our common vacations...and shopped a bit... then she shopped some more with her mom, and his mom, and her sis, and with him... :D 

We had put in good efforts to finalize my outfit for her special day and it really turned out to be very good :) There was a lot of happiness/ eagerness/ waiting time associated with it :P and the happiness still continues with pics etc :) :)

I reached well in time for the functions and enjoyed the 2 days with another friend...being with the bride and witnessing all the different ceremonies, different customs that were performed. My friend -the Bride- was dressed beautifully each time and looked adorable. When the groom saw her for the first time on the engagement day... she was performing some pooja with her family.. and he kept watching her as she walked up to the she sat down.. he just kept on looking at her :) Must say they had a good time on the wedding day too...with easy and comfort, enjoying all the attention they got... bcoz all the hustle tussle was left among the aunties and the pujaris.

Kalyan wale uncle and aunty became our friends. They had come all the way from Bombay. Uncle clicked lots and lots of snaps in his smartphone with much interest of making an album of his own.
Aunty kept chit chatting with us all time and we had a great time.
Me and Manik enjoyed distributing stuff among the guests.. and witnessing every part of the wedding :) 

Wishing you both... 'Showers of Blessings' and 'Loads of Happiness' :* (hugs and kisses)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Women make life feel good.
My fren in office sharing with me small foodies and lots of talk,
my team mate helping me find stationary and some gtalk,
the tiffin lady making me feel at home even with no talk,
my frens so attentive to my feelings though distances apart.
Women, we'r lovely :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It happens

Old friends. You were free, you found me, We chatted long hours, we had fun; Even though we were far away we enjoyed each other’s company; Then, you had to move on with other things.. We Lost Contact. I decided not to mingle so much with anyone.

New Friend, just happened. Did not talk much, as decided. But still, got used and began to enjoy the company.. Now have to move on again.. And I decide not to make friends again..

Colleagues. Did not intend to be friends. But, you always wanted me to speak, speak something, speak something more.. It was not easy.. Meanwhile u told me stories, and scolded me like a friend.. I tried hard.. ‘To speak or not to’, only to realize that it hardly matters.. Now we have to move on again.. And I decide not to think about anything, anymore.. Just Chill, Chill, Just Chill.. :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bench is fun

It’s all at leisure,
Doing everything with pleasure,
No hurry to take the morning call,
No worry about the deadlines that make you fall.

Come to office at the time you please,
Play that match, or watch it at ease,
Read e-books, burst bubbles,
Play word games, throw out rubbles.

Freshen your mind,
Give it some peace,
Go for that run,
Everyone needs such a release.

Experiment on that dish,
Cook veggies or fry some fish,
Love what you do, even if you do just nothing,
Pamper yourself, for work isn’t everything.

Comb that hair; look at your face,
Try different ways of tying your shoe lace.
Watch movies; sing songs,
Life will just flow along..

Hang out in food courts with your fellow mates,
Visit the pantry at regular rates,
Have fun, enjoy the natural beauty,
You never know when you’ll have to be back on your duty!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Death, so close

Nobody asks a bencher how his weekend was! So sad.. :( During the project, me and my teammates would enquire regularly about each-other’s whereabouts.. Today, it’s another Monday, but nobody near..


We Friends were going shopping.. Waiting at the crossroads for the heavy traffic to subside.. One Tall, Fat lady next to me, accompanied with her equally Tall, Fat daughter.. They started crossing, and so did we.. But one thing did not seem to stop.. I saw THE BIG, GREEN, LOCAL CITY BUS approaching us from the right.. The ladies panicked, did not seem to move – according to me, they should have ran for their life! – But they did not! – It seemed like a pretty long moment – "Crazy people, RUN!" – I found a little space towards my left, and ran ahead, crossing the road, and my friend ran backwards.. Finding myself and my friend "intact and safe" was a relief – I had both my hands and feet, everything was just as it was when I was on the other side of the road. But these ladies were screaming at the driver! Crazy people, "Shout at yourself". I just realized that I would have died! Even though we continued with our work, My heart was in my mouth – for 15 minutes. Awe! Wonder! Laughter!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A hug that made the difference..

I come to office today and read this line in a forwarded email: A hug is the shortest distance between friends.
Then as memory recalls: We were completing this company training and getting our postings to different locations.. Some guys from the other streams got their posting a month before us.. One of my good friends was among them.. He was the first to receive the black tag, which was kind-off an achievement for every trainee.. I was very happy for him.. felt like hugging him so tight at that time, but had to control those feelings :( That hug, missed that day, has maintained the distance between us till date!

Monday, 4 April 2011

when my bus breaks down at midnight

me: Juhi,

u free or busy?

i'll tell a story

Juhi: ya tell...

me: i planned for a week long holiday

there was only one seat left in only one good volvo bus... which we usually take... i booked it....

all others went by state transport

and.. my bus breaks down at the starting point itself

at midnite they tell us, they cant repair it!!!

Juhi: hehehhhe


me: n i'm in sleepy mode

i come out.. only to see him returning the ticket amount to all passengers

wt could i have done?

Juhi: wat???

Juhi: wat u did then re

u got bus later or no

me: no bus

Juhi: then wat


me: talked to a young lady.. asking wt was happening

Juhi: how u came then

me: she was with her hubby...

they were planning to book an innova.... along with 3 other youngsters... all planning to go to goa

she said i cud join them

Juhi: ohhhhh....

then u came with them??

me: and i said ok........ wtever the cost may be :P

taking such decisions in sleep was far easier


Juhi: then

me: then i came with them

Juhi: hmmmm....

me: hehee..

Juhi: great journey.... memorable one na....

me: donno how i decided this.. since i did not know any one of them..

ya memorable


Juhi: ya....

actually risky na

me: add to it... we got a sleepy driver who was so slow...

Juhi: the people where good so ok

me: this was a bigger risk :P which we got to know only after a lil bit of travel.

i introduced a lil bit of bgm to them ;-) feels like an ambassador now ;-)

Juhi: hehehe :D

Juhi: otherwise it would be a very very very very very wrong decision...

me: ya.. they were like me only.. so ok :)

but.. only other option was to go back home

n next day.. bus wud be full again... + match!!!

wt wud i do alone at home

my happy holiday wud go tie tie fish

at start oly :P

Juhi: hmmmm... but next time onward dont do like this....


me: hmm.. :)


Juhi: no make it sure....

b'coz its too risky....

anyways u r home now... so enjoy...


saw the match or no??

me: yea

HEY... i called up dad tht time only.. and told.. wt i was doing.

he knew it all.

Juhi: hmmm

hehehe.... did one work right....

me: the group was nice

Juhi: :-)


me: hmm.. lucky

Juhi: ya very lucky...

me: hehee

all such deadly things happen to me... and i jus sail through them swiftly, knowing nothing, jus observing.. :P

Juhi: hehehhehehe :-) :D

daring baaz gal :D

me: lol, no re.. normally i keep myself very safe... doin all such faltugiri like... coming home early, booking tickets in advance...

and i see others NOT doin this...... but i only get into such hell like situations :P

Juhi: but it is not all the time na...

some times...

me: ya

Monday, 14 March 2011

Made my day!!

It was a normal working day.. a Monday! K Din want to come to office, din want to get ready, din want to take tht same road to office again, din want to work, hush! But had to! K Anyways, there was something more to add to this day. . We were expecting our onsite pm at our odc. Since we had had a very good time with him in our first project, we freshers were lil bit eager to meet him. But I did not remember this on Monday. His coming, going, talks, whatever had gone in the background. I entered the main gate, lots of employees rushing in, checking in themselves, and their baggage, I was one of them. Suddenly I hear a friendly call, shouting out my name. I look around to find this guest – my first pm, and wow, it was indeed a very pleasant surprise! J J It was nice.. awesome meeting! ;-)

Monday, 14 February 2011

14th Feb is back again!

Every time I ask if you are busy, you say yes. So then, I do not disturb.
When I come to you, just to be there, you ask if I want something. I say no, and u wonder why.
You don’t talk to me when expected, and surprise me with your casual chat at busy hours.
You sometimes act like a busy bee, and sometimes like a freak.
You care as well, but do you care for all?
All in all, like many other things, you go beyond my understanding.
But yesterday.. (on the eve of valentine’s day), I wrote a letter - “I hate you” type. Nice one, good writing style also, and hopefully you would understand, but I will never give it to you, I’m sure.

Note: This is about my project mate. And, Everything's official about it :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Confirmed.. and now on..

I got my new year gift from my company. Confirmation letter:) Seems like a good start. Also, I’ll be getting paid a bit more. I can use it as travel allowance :P
"Wanna go home, wanna go home.." this attitude of mine is changing. Coz now-a-days, m experiencing a strong feeling of "Home is where the heart is" type. And work is attracting me now.
As a trend, almost everyone sends out a mail bidding farewell to all colleagues and friends while leaving the company. I got two such mails today – one from my dear friend, another from an acquaintance. First I read my friend’s mail. Most part of it was like a letter, a conversation - direct from the heart. The other mail was a complete copy paste, with extracts taken from older mails, clearly noticeable, making me feel so ***! What’s the point in doing something just because you have to!!! (But you know what… both the mails had one common sentence… the one describing our training days at mysore… with perfectly identical wordings. How can two people think so similar? Huh! Both have copied this from another common old mail :P )
Even I used to copy paste when there was redundant work. But after getting a good firing, for my own good, my attitude has changed. "Original" – this is on my mind now! And hopefully remains forever.
So, confirmed now! This means I can choose my ways towards redesigning my career, and m working on it. Happy! :)