Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It happens

Old friends. You were free, you found me, We chatted long hours, we had fun; Even though we were far away we enjoyed each other’s company; Then, you had to move on with other things.. We Lost Contact. I decided not to mingle so much with anyone.

New Friend, just happened. Did not talk much, as decided. But still, got used and began to enjoy the company.. Now have to move on again.. And I decide not to make friends again..

Colleagues. Did not intend to be friends. But, you always wanted me to speak, speak something, speak something more.. It was not easy.. Meanwhile u told me stories, and scolded me like a friend.. I tried hard.. ‘To speak or not to’, only to realize that it hardly matters.. Now we have to move on again.. And I decide not to think about anything, anymore.. Just Chill, Chill, Just Chill.. :)

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Smiley said...

ammmmm, :)