Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bench is fun

It’s all at leisure,
Doing everything with pleasure,
No hurry to take the morning call,
No worry about the deadlines that make you fall.

Come to office at the time you please,
Play that match, or watch it at ease,
Read e-books, burst bubbles,
Play word games, throw out rubbles.

Freshen your mind,
Give it some peace,
Go for that run,
Everyone needs such a release.

Experiment on that dish,
Cook veggies or fry some fish,
Love what you do, even if you do just nothing,
Pamper yourself, for work isn’t everything.

Comb that hair; look at your face,
Try different ways of tying your shoe lace.
Watch movies; sing songs,
Life will just flow along..

Hang out in food courts with your fellow mates,
Visit the pantry at regular rates,
Have fun, enjoy the natural beauty,
You never know when you’ll have to be back on your duty!

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