Monday, 9 May 2011

Death, so close

Nobody asks a bencher how his weekend was! So sad.. :( During the project, me and my teammates would enquire regularly about each-other’s whereabouts.. Today, it’s another Monday, but nobody near..


We Friends were going shopping.. Waiting at the crossroads for the heavy traffic to subside.. One Tall, Fat lady next to me, accompanied with her equally Tall, Fat daughter.. They started crossing, and so did we.. But one thing did not seem to stop.. I saw THE BIG, GREEN, LOCAL CITY BUS approaching us from the right.. The ladies panicked, did not seem to move – according to me, they should have ran for their life! – But they did not! – It seemed like a pretty long moment – "Crazy people, RUN!" – I found a little space towards my left, and ran ahead, crossing the road, and my friend ran backwards.. Finding myself and my friend "intact and safe" was a relief – I had both my hands and feet, everything was just as it was when I was on the other side of the road. But these ladies were screaming at the driver! Crazy people, "Shout at yourself". I just realized that I would have died! Even though we continued with our work, My heart was in my mouth – for 15 minutes. Awe! Wonder! Laughter!

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