Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I’m left alone :(

They come, they sit, they talk, they laugh,
They go away…I’m left alone.
I’m forced to come, I’m forced to sit,
I try to talk and laugh the same way,
I feel I can’t.. I’m left alone.

They come their way, they do their will,
They sing their song and go away…
I come my way, I sing my song,
I try to be the same I was..
I feel I can’t.. I’m left alone.

They see a dream, they have a wish,
They fulfill their desires and go away…
I get no sleep, I’m scared to wish,
With a blank vision.. I’m left alone.

They try to get me involved, I be with them.
They try to make me happy, a (false?...not really!!) smile I put-up.
They enjoy.. I try to.
And when they want they go..
I feel like waiting.. I feel I’m left alone.

They keep the atmosphere glowing
When they are not there, I feel like crying.
With a dark cloud and a heavy heart.. I’m left alone.. I’m left alone.

They are my thoughts.. oh yes! They are mine
At cloudy times they come and shine,
They make me glad and I’m no longer sad,
I’m happy they are mine.. at least THEY are mine


These were his thoughts.. when he fell hard..
or it must have been even harder..
I know not how much..
but yes, they sure were close to this.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

I love...

It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a day so much. It began in a very similar manner like any other day. I just did not want to get out of bed even though I was awake... Hmm...so goes a saying..."Every morning you are given a choice, either to go back to your dreams or to get up and chase those dreams". No. I did not wake up with this thought :D (just remembered it now...while it is time to rest again).

But I had to get ready, dress up.. pretty soon, then go attend those ever boring lectures for hours together. They seem like ages, but are much better than the company of those dangerous, gloomy, weakening thoughts. Work keeps me busy and I love it. However trivial it might seem to be...still it is the best way to pass time.

Did I say pass time? Well! Today, time just passed...gleefully...and I noticed it.

When in the morning I was late for the bus and got mama on her nerves on this,

When I enjoyed the breezy ride on the way to college, When the class got totally packed…for attendance...and shruti had to use a plastic chair and sit in the middle of a passage between the rows, blocking the way on all sides :D (well, that’s the chair...a special one...that nobody wants to use. There are about 3-4 of them actually...hehe).

Then, I loved it When akshata taught me a few Vedic tricks on mathematics, When nivi and me discussed some real good algorithmic stuff together, When we(sneha, nivi, manu, juhi and me) jumped to see who could touch the name plate on the door-top...hey!! sneha and juhi did not jump :P

Then...When we were so few for the last class that turned out to be so interesting with effective mind processing and kool eye-contacts, When I felt the lunch weighing me down, When I loved the way I pampered myself and then the oh! So masti-bhare labs we love, where we have applied for more efficient printers...that will surely be considered in benefit of our juniors. Loved them so much today that I came home and wrote down all that we had done till now :P

and after all that, spending a lovely time at home...here I am ready for the break...cya! :)