Monday, 4 April 2011

when my bus breaks down at midnight

me: Juhi,

u free or busy?

i'll tell a story

Juhi: ya tell...

me: i planned for a week long holiday

there was only one seat left in only one good volvo bus... which we usually take... i booked it....

all others went by state transport

and.. my bus breaks down at the starting point itself

at midnite they tell us, they cant repair it!!!

Juhi: hehehhhe


me: n i'm in sleepy mode

i come out.. only to see him returning the ticket amount to all passengers

wt could i have done?

Juhi: wat???

Juhi: wat u did then re

u got bus later or no

me: no bus

Juhi: then wat


me: talked to a young lady.. asking wt was happening

Juhi: how u came then

me: she was with her hubby...

they were planning to book an innova.... along with 3 other youngsters... all planning to go to goa

she said i cud join them

Juhi: ohhhhh....

then u came with them??

me: and i said ok........ wtever the cost may be :P

taking such decisions in sleep was far easier


Juhi: then

me: then i came with them

Juhi: hmmmm....

me: hehee..

Juhi: great journey.... memorable one na....

me: donno how i decided this.. since i did not know any one of them..

ya memorable


Juhi: ya....

actually risky na

me: add to it... we got a sleepy driver who was so slow...

Juhi: the people where good so ok

me: this was a bigger risk :P which we got to know only after a lil bit of travel.

i introduced a lil bit of bgm to them ;-) feels like an ambassador now ;-)

Juhi: hehehe :D

Juhi: otherwise it would be a very very very very very wrong decision...

me: ya.. they were like me only.. so ok :)

but.. only other option was to go back home

n next day.. bus wud be full again... + match!!!

wt wud i do alone at home

my happy holiday wud go tie tie fish

at start oly :P

Juhi: hmmmm... but next time onward dont do like this....


me: hmm.. :)


Juhi: no make it sure....

b'coz its too risky....

anyways u r home now... so enjoy...


saw the match or no??

me: yea

HEY... i called up dad tht time only.. and told.. wt i was doing.

he knew it all.

Juhi: hmmm

hehehe.... did one work right....

me: the group was nice

Juhi: :-)


me: hmm.. lucky

Juhi: ya very lucky...

me: hehee

all such deadly things happen to me... and i jus sail through them swiftly, knowing nothing, jus observing.. :P

Juhi: hehehhehehe :-) :D

daring baaz gal :D

me: lol, no re.. normally i keep myself very safe... doin all such faltugiri like... coming home early, booking tickets in advance...

and i see others NOT doin this...... but i only get into such hell like situations :P

Juhi: but it is not all the time na...

some times...

me: ya

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