Monday, 14 February 2011

14th Feb is back again!

Every time I ask if you are busy, you say yes. So then, I do not disturb.
When I come to you, just to be there, you ask if I want something. I say no, and u wonder why.
You don’t talk to me when expected, and surprise me with your casual chat at busy hours.
You sometimes act like a busy bee, and sometimes like a freak.
You care as well, but do you care for all?
All in all, like many other things, you go beyond my understanding.
But yesterday.. (on the eve of valentine’s day), I wrote a letter - “I hate you” type. Nice one, good writing style also, and hopefully you would understand, but I will never give it to you, I’m sure.

Note: This is about my project mate. And, Everything's official about it :)

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